Internet, Telephone, Mobile & WiFi

Telecommunications provider offering fixed and mobile telephony, Internet connections (ADSL and VDSL) and digital television. Online ordering.
Mobile phone operator, fully owned by Belgacom, with internet offers.
Toledo Telecom / Billi
Operator on the Belgian telecom market with a selection of telecom solutions: fixed and mobile telephony, ADSL and VDSL connections, VoIP, professional convergence and consultancy solutions.
Perceval Belgium
Internet service provider delivering a full range of service in the telecommunication sector, support and network services and security safeguards.
Communications operator in the Belgian market specialising in VOIP solutions. Offices in Brussels.
Mobile phone operator also offering mobile and fixed internet solutions. Subscriptions and prepaid solutions. Shops in most cities.
Internet broadband, telephony, and television solutions. Services for individuals and businesses.
The Phone House
Multi-operator store and one of the market leaders in the distribution of products and services in telecommunications. Stores in most Flemish cities.
Mondial Telecom
Telecommunications company offering mobile, landline and internet access.
Center Zuid
Telenet services and products, LED/LCD sales, Multimedia & Accessories, Telenet Mobile subscriptions, After-sales service
Mobile phone operator also offering internet and TV packages. Stores in all major cities across Flanders.