Joiners, Carpenters & Carpentry

All types of woodwork. New design, alterations. For indoors out outdoors. Installation of walls, doors, flooring, ceilings. Attic installation or renovation. Kitchens and cabinets. Terraces- At Jules Moretuslei 110, B-2610 Wilrijk
Kitchen renovation. Construction of oak extensions. Custom-made interior projects. Antiquing of furniture. At Guldenpad 51, B-2290 Vorselaar
Marstboom Schrijnwerkerij
General woodwork repairs. Kitchens, tailor-made interior storage solutions, roof carpentry, velux, terraces, shutters.... At Appelkantstraat 51, B-2540 Hove
Mainly outdoor carpentry. Windows, doors, shutters, gates and awnings. But also wooden flooring and inside doors. At Steenweg op Waarloos 43, B-2840 Reet