Movies, Cinemas & Films

Kinepolis Hasselt
Cinema complex recently refurbished with 14 screens. At Via Media 1, B-3500 Hasselt.
Kinepolis Gent
Kinepolis Gent host 12 theaters and is a partner of the International Film Festival. At Ter Platen 12, B-9000 Gent.
Casino Koksijde
Cinema and concert and theatre venue. At Kasinoplein 10-11, B-8670 Koksijde.
Utopolis Lommel
Cinema with 5 screens, free car park. At Adelbergpark, 2, B-3920 Lommel.
Cnema located in the heart of Roeselare with a large parking nearby. At Gasstraat, 15, B-8800 Roeselare.
Buda kunstencentrum
Arts Centre BUDA creates an artistic context in which the artists desire to create takes central place. Buda also host a cinema with movies in English and OV. At Broelkaai 1b, B-8500 Kortrijk.
Kinepolis Antwerpen
Cinema complex with 24 screens showing a large number of English-language and other VO films. At Groenendaallaan, 394, B-2030 Antwerpen.
Utopolis Turnhout
Cinema with 8 screens, lounge, snooker. Fre car park. At Graatakker, 99, B-2300 Turnhout.
Utopolis Aarschot
Cinema complex with 5 theatres, cafetaria and free car park. At Demervallei, 4, 3200 Aarschot.
Cine Star
Cinema with movies in English or OV, also available for seminars, conferences, presentations and press conferences. At Gemeenteplein 8, B-8790 Waregem.
Palace Aalst
Cinema with movies in OV and in English At Bert Van Hoorickstraat, 4, B-9300 Aalst.
Cine Capitole
Cinema Capitole combines the charm of the 50s, comfort and digital projection. The cinema is also available for private or corporate screenings. At Stationsstraat, 149/151, B-9880 Aalter.
Cartoons Cinema
Cinema known for its alternative supply of films with no major American productions but quality European films in OV. At Kaasstraat 4-6, B-2000 Antwerpen.
Cinema Focus
Cinema with showigs in English or OV. Schools programmes. At Zonnebloemstraat, 9, B-9500 Geraardsbergen.
Kinepolis Leuven
Also called Supercity Leuven, this complex has 10 screens with movies in English and/or VO. At Bondgenotenlaan 145-149, B-3000 Leuven.
Kinepolis Brugge
Cinema complex with 8 theaters at Koning Albert l-laan 200, B-8200 Brugge.
Kinepolis Oostende
Complex with 8 theaters. Partner of Filmfestival Oostende. At Koningin Astridlaan 12, B-8400 Oostende.
Kinepolis Kortrijk
Large cinema complex with 10 screens. At President Kennedylaan 100A, B-8500 Kortrijk.
Utopolis Mechelen
Large cinema complex with 12 theatres, Free car park. At Spuibeekstraat, 5, B-2800 Mechelen.
Beverly Screens
Cinema comples in Knokke city centre with 4 screens. At Kongostraat, 2, B-8300 Knokke.
Cinema Koksijde
Small cinema complex of 6 theatres. At Ter Duinenlaan, 51, B-8670 Koksijde.