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I have a superb Mercedes Benz CLK 280 Avantgarde for sale, right hand steering, 2007 model, gear automatic. I personally
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Hi, I own 3 apartments in Benidorm, Spain and am looking to rent them out - either short term or long term.What are the
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Hello moms.I am looking for a trustable and affordable babysitter or nanny in antwerpen who can babysit 4 times per week
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This area is for discussing local family life and parenting issues.Please do not reply to this automated posting.
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I'm planning to import a RHD car from the UK to Belgium. What should I adjust for the local technical control (MOT)? Lig
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Wishing all our AngloInfo members a Very Happy New Year .
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We had planned to go to Brussels to see the New Year in and the fireworks but as that has all been cancelled can anyone
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Can anyone recommend a good hairdresser please? My hair is very fine and I need a good cut to make it look good. The hai
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Hi Can anyone recommend a repairer for a Dyson Vacuum cleaner - needs a new motor Don't mind what area Thanks
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I have loads of leftovers from Christmas, Ham & Turkey, Cranberry Sauce etc and do not want to make the usual turkey
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We are paassing through Bruge on our way to the UK with our children on New Years Eve and they want to know if their wil
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The Season's Greetings to all Angloinfo members and best wishes for 2016.
Chiropractor? 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Wilko-984986 · Updated: 1450872235 · Created: 1450872235
Can anyone recommend an English speaking chiropractor in Antwerp please?
Restaurant on Xmas Day? 2 Food & Drink Started by: Socrates-984992 · Updated: 1450692327 · Created: 1450394752
Does anyone happen to know of a good restaurant that is open for Xmas Day lunches please?
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Where along the coast is the best sailing club(s) - I used to sail a lot but not had much time for it lately and now wou