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I'm planning to import a RHD car from the UK to Belgium. What should I adjust for the local technical control (MOT)? Lights, else? Any experience? Are they inspecting in more detail if if it's a RHD? And what about insurance? Is there a difference if it's a RHD?

started by: Harry-Osa-919898 · last update: 1516305584 · posted: 1516305584

I have a superb Mercedes Benz CLK 280 Avantgarde for sale, right hand steering, 2007 model, gear automatic. I personally own this car and I drove it from London to Belgium but I'd like to sell it here in Belgium. I still love the car but wife cannot drive right handed steering. Any interested person should contact me ASAP on fredoski2@yahoo.com

started by: Dennis-984988 · last update: 1449955422 · posted: 1449859826

I have a car with an automatic gearbox problem and no garage I have tried so far is prepared to deal with it.  Does anyone know a reliable garage in Antwerp they can recommend for this?

started by: Charlie-984987 · last update: 1446148868 · posted: 1446123980

There was talk some months ago, of introducing a blanket 70kph limit on all non-motorway roads. Has there been any further developments?

started by: Millie-984990 · last update: 1444646275 · posted: 1444160678

I am considering buying a small, new car. A colleague mentioned that they may be cheaper in Germany. Is this the case, and are there any problems registering it in Belgium? I'd appreciate any advice or experiences. Thanks.

started by: Louie-925115 · last update: 1441053709 · posted: 1441053709

Any ideas as to why my Engine Management Warning light comes on - I have had it into the local dealer who said they can find no fault but it still comes on at the oddest times.  It goes off if I switch the engine off and restart after a few minutes but as the car is under warranty I want it fixed - how do I make the dealer sort this out?

started by: Millie-984990 · last update: 1439506606 · posted: 1439506606

Does anybosy know of a mobile car valeting person? I live near Ghent, if so please e mail me the contacts. Thanks.

started by: Vee-835924 · last update: 1438339641 · posted: 1438299898

Hello everybody, I have a non eu driving licence (from India) and I would like to exchange it for a Belgian one. Anybody know the exact way of exchaning it or if anybody could point me in right direction. I have Indian licence and International license on top of it with which I drives here but I think it's about time I get a Belgian driving licence. thanks for your help

started by: Louie-925115 · last update: 1437746538 · posted: 1437674557

Is anyone traveling to London by car who could bring a small parcel back for me - it is a part for my car and although heavy is small - about 6 x 8 x 12 inches in a box - can arrange for it to be delivered to wherever you are and will pick up from you this end.  lease PM me if you can help.

started by: feelfree-10044790 · last update: 1436580495 · posted: 1436580495

Hi,  Is there someone who can tell me where I can buy the driving licence book: Driving in Belgium From A-Z Theory and Exercise Book Thanks.  

started by: Socrates-984992 · last update: 1436561385 · posted: 1436443800

We have been offered a scooter but unfortunatey it is unlicensed and there are no papers for it. Has anyone got any idea of where we start to reregister it. It is definately not stolen but the orginal owner is unavailable/untraceable. Thanks in advance.

started by: Belinda-925122 · last update: 1433255431 · posted: 1432711324

Can anyone recommend a car valeting company in the Antwerp area please.

started by: Wilko-984986 · last update: 1428843483 · posted: 1428764720

Does anyone know of any classic car events taking place in the area?

started by: jock-835632 · last update: 1427320837 · posted: 1427320837

Has anybody gone through this process ? 

started by: Allie-4678 · last update: 1426064135 · posted: 1426014887

What facilities are there at the port for refreshments - is it possible to get a meal?

started by: Kenzie-925116 · last update: 1425544289 · posted: 1425423306

I need to go to Ostend at the weekend and thought rather than drive I would use public transport - no chance as the bus takes 6 hours with umpteen changes - I shall be driving as only 90 mins by car.  Why is the public transport so dreadful here?

started by: Skkib · last update: 1425289112 · posted: 1425247213

Hello guys, I am a 25 year old mechanic, originally coming from Germany. I am searching for a good place to work as a mechanic around Antwerpen and Bergen op zoom. I do not speak dutch yet, but I've been working in the U.S for a month, so I am good speaking english at work. At my former job I dealt with most of the European and Asian common Motorcycles, but my favorites were always Italian ones, which was our main-business at my previous working place. I am very into modern track racing and vintage stuff, so I mostly prefer dealing with vintage stuff, because its simply more fun. Personally I would like to move into the fabricating/custom and/or restauration business. I have quite some experience at these topics, through personal projects I finalized in my leisure time and my US time where I was working at a fabrication business which dealt with HotRods, Vintage bikes and restaurations. So i have crafting basics in welding and turning, but I am good with and at doing usual mechanic-stuff. Mainly I am just searching for a place to make some money in my field, maybe someone does have some kind of advice where a nice place to work could be or maybe someone knows a shop which is searching for a qualified mechanic. Thanks

started by: Louie-925115 · last update: 1418309387 · posted: 1418108146

Anyone know of a cheap place to get them fitted?

started by: Twerp · last update: 1417299105 · posted: 1417126258

I am looking for a company that repairs surface scratches to car body work WITHOUT re-painting the whole panel ?

started by: Wilko-984986 · last update: 1416595179 · posted: 1416524707

Hi I have a problem with my scooter. Is anyone or can anyone recommend an amateur mechanic in or near to Sint Niklaas that might be able to help me? Thanks

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