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Hello guys, I am a 25 year old mechanic, originally coming from Germany. I am searching for a good place to work as a mechanic around Antwerpen and Bergen op zoom. I do not speak dutch yet, but I've been working in the U.S for a month, so I am good speaking english at work. At my former job I dealt with most of the European and Asian common Motorcycles, but my favorites were always Italian ones, which was our main-business at my previous working place. I am very into modern track racing and vintage stuff, so I mostly prefer dealing with vintage stuff, because its simply more fun. Personally I would like to move into the fabricating/custom and/or restauration business. I have quite some experience at these topics, through personal projects I finalized in my leisure time and my US time where I was working at a fabrication business which dealt with HotRods, Vintage bikes and restaurations. So i have crafting basics in welding and turning, but I am good with and at doing usual mechanic-stuff. Mainly I am just searching for a place to make some money in my field, maybe someone does have some kind of advice where a nice place to work could be or maybe someone knows a shop which is searching for a qualified mechanic. Thanks


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You could try contacting some of the garages that are listed in the directory here to see if they have ny job openings.  

You could also search on the EURES site which list vacancies from all of Europe, just search on the country and see what comes up - best to use keywords that describe the position that you are after.

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