started by: Kenzie-925116 · last update: 1415710761 · posted: 1415710761

Had a slight accident on my bike after one too many beverages last night and need it looked at - can anyone recommend a bike shop that will repair it.?

started by: RHP-478771 · last update: 1412067678 · posted: 1411293538

I have recently moved from France to Belgium. At what stage will I need to re-register my car with Belgian number plates?

started by: Zach-925117 · last update: 1410215359 · posted: 1409853221

Any recommendations please for someone who can do a thorough valet of my car (especially dog hair)? I intend to sell it shortly.

started by: Felix-925109 · last update: 1406835145 · posted: 1406835145

Could anyone give me the name of a decent hotel in Ostend - need one for tomorrow night.

started by: Belinda-925122 · last update: 1406401107 · posted: 1406193249

I have been quoted a vast sum by the dealer to replace my exhaust on my Mercedes (which is 7 years old) is there anywhere cheaper to get this done around the Breda area.?

started by: Kenzie-925116 · last update: 1404467610 · posted: 1404467610

Does anyone know where I can hire a set from please?

started by: Big John-4747 · last update: 1404467538 · posted: 1404417065

Hi everyone, Could anyone out there help me with info regarding motorcycle licenses, such as where to go to obtain one and how much does it cost aproximately??? Are there different types of licenses based on the size of the motorbike, or is it a "one-fits-all" kind of thing? Thank you all in advance, Kind regards John

started by: Kenzie-925116 · last update: 1403854544 · posted: 1403854544

Will a dealer take right hand cars as part exchange or am I better to sell privately?

started by: Dillon-925118 · last update: 1403648324 · posted: 1403092685

Thinking of buying one for the freedom of just taking off but would like some advice on what to go for - should be able to sleep 6 people - a friend in the UK said Swift are a good buy as hold their price - is this true as it is a lot of money to invest  and am not sure if you can get them in Belgium?

started by: Belinda-925122 · last update: 1400746777 · posted: 1400448507

Could someone advie me as to wher to get my bicycle serviced - not been used for several months and in need of some TLC.

started by: BurlingtonB · last update: 1398082295 · posted: 1398082295

Does anyone have experience of importing a vintage car to Belgium? I would appreciate any comments/problems.

started by: Issac-925114 · last update: 1397559128 · posted: 1397384194

My car has to go in for a bit of work and want to hire a car for  a few days, which car hire company does rasonable rates and can deliver to my work address?

started by: Maddison-925120 · last update: 1395398969 · posted: 1395253550

Nearest Ferry to Scandinavia - where do they go from, anyone know?

started by: Maddison-925120 · last update: 1395059226 · posted: 1395059226

My dog has made a small tear in the leather seat of my car. Does anybody know who can repair it - before it gets worse???

started by: Belinda-925122 · last update: 1394789563 · posted: 1394446852

I have just dinged my car - totally my own fault and not much damage but need to get it sorted. Can anyone recommend a car body repairer who wll not rip me off.  Anywhere near Antwerp is fine.

started by: Dillon-925118 · last update: 1394189445 · posted: 1394056488

I have a stone chip in my windscreen, does anyone know of a company that will come out to my office to repair it.

started by: Dillon-925118 · last update: 1394056579 · posted: 1394056579

Also need a valeting company who will come and pick up from office and alet the car and then return it.

started by: Louie-925115 · last update: 1386332104 · posted: 1382115356

My first winter in Belgium is approaching, and I have to travel quite a lot. Do the motorways get affected a lot by snow and ice?  

started by: Jupiter-379084 · last update: 1386247317 · posted: 1386247317

Can anybody recommend a cheap van hire place in Ghent, please? I need to move a small amount of furniture to Venlo. Will only be for one day.

started by: Louie-925115 · last update: 1385058409 · posted: 1384456148

My car has two or three tiny dents in a door, where someone has been a little careless opening their door in a car park. The paintwork is undamaged and I wondered if there were any companies here who can do minor dent fixes, like Dent Wizard in the UK?

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