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My car has two or three tiny dents in a door, where someone has been a little careless opening their door in a car park. The paintwork is undamaged and I wondered if there were any companies here who can do minor dent fixes, like Dent Wizard in the UK?

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I know that most people do it the other way round but is it feasible for you to do it on a Sunday from Dunkirk on the ferry and back (plus the drive from and to Antwerp) 

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Are there any that could teach in English over here please?  Antwerp or Gent area.

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Hi, I have a car registered in Italy for two years and that I brought in Belgium for the last 3 or 4 months.  I think I need to register it to make it legal. Would you know an agency or individual who can do the registration red tape for me?  Thanks

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Hi all, I plan to bring a UK reg motorbike to Antwery, how long will I be able to ride it in Antwerp before I have to get the registration changed?

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