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We had planned to go to Brussels to see the New Year in and the fireworks but as that has all been cancelled can anyone suggest an alternative option in Antwerp.

started by: Elaine-478846 · last update: 1451316544 · posted: 1451316544

We are paassing through Bruge on our way to the UK with our children on New Years Eve and they want to know if their will be any fireworks displays?  nyone know if there are or somewhere nearby?

started by: Bingo-984985 · last update: 1449341424 · posted: 1449143575

My son's pestering me - Does anyone know when the new Star Wars movie is screening (in English) in Antwerp?

started by: Kenzie-925116 · last update: 1443390362 · posted: 1442911233

I need to find some great recipes for a Halloween party for both adults and kids - any suggestions?

started by: Patrice23 · last update: 1442217104 · posted: 1442217104

Does anyone know what date the Bruge Christmas Market is on from and when it finishes. please?

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Are you holding an event in the Antwerp or Flanders  region that you would like AngloInfo to include in the What's On section on this site?  You can now submit it here http://antwerp.angloinfo.com/whatson/newevent/ 

started by: Dillon-925118 · last update: 1438723430 · posted: 1437746665

Do you have to be Gay to go to some of the events?

started by: Scotsman-922511 · last update: 1436200345 · posted: 1436197559

We are over visiting friends who live in Antwerp and yesterday we saw the Giants and today the Tour de France - what a wonderful vibrant city this is already and only been here 3 days, I just wonder what the rest of our stay will bring?

started by: LilyMay-925121 · last update: 1432624810 · posted: 1432415839

Good luck to Belgiums entry, although I think Sweben may win this year.  Hope so as I got them in the sweepstahe at work. 

started by: Charlie-984987 · last update: 1431697756 · posted: 1431697756

Wondered if there are any Karaoke bars in Antwerp?

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Hello. I'm looking to speak to people who have made the decision to leave the UK and move abroad for a potential documentary. At the moment it is just in the research phase so I'm just looking to talk to some people and find out more about the reasons they might move.  Thanks and all the best,  Ellie Gibbs ellie.gibbs@libertybell.tv    020 7598 7209

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Where can i find out which cinemas broadcast these live?

started by: Zeus-779449 · last update: 1431073968 · posted: 1430779716

I have tickets to the Madonna concert at the Sportpaleis and don't fancy driving back so can anyone recommend a nice hotel nearby and somewhere to get a meal if the hotel does ot have oneopen after the concert .  Thanks in advance for the help.

started by: son of swampy-379099 · last update: 1429797363 · posted: 1429529202

Are there any folk clubs - or bars/cafes which have folk music - in Antwerp?

started by: veronica-478816 · last update: 1427739969 · posted: 1427528757

Can anyone recommend a show or club that we can go to on a visit to Antwerp - we are having a long weekend there in Early May and would like to take in a show or club whilst there.

started by: Bill B-836409 · last update: 1422645134 · posted: 1422395601

In town for a couple of weeks and looking for an Irish pub or similar that has regular live music. Any hints?:

started by: Kenzie-925116 · last update: 1422181203 · posted: 1422181203

Any pubs or bars here celebrating Burns Night in Antwerp?

started by: Louie-925115 · last update: 1421912343 · posted: 1421677278

Where can I get a list of venues in the Antwerp area?

started by: Twerp · last update: 1420020346 · posted: 1420020346

Any suggestions for any parties in Antwerp tonight? (We're a bit too old for clubbing!!)

started by: Jessie-984993 · last update: 1419417437 · posted: 1419265165

Are there any shows suitable for a 7 year old on during the Xmas/New Year break? I have my niece staying.

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