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I’m really willing to have relationships and love, but I don’t know a reliable site where I can find someone. Accordingly, share with me such a site please

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Hello moms.I am looking for a trustable and affordable babysitter or nanny in antwerpen  who can babysit 4 times per week because i have to work night shift.she can sleep over if she wants 

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My daughter has been interested in the WWI battlefields and especially ones where Edith Cavell was nursing and would like to visit the ones where she was but I don't know where she was - is there anywhere i can find out where they are located?

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Ideas for keeping gueests entertained whilst I am at work all day - ca only get a couple of days off whilst they are here and need to give them some sort of itinerary so they see as much as they can.

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Where on earth can I get one, friends are coming on Sunday for lunch and one of the children has to have 'Gluten Free' food and of course I have gone and bought them all eggs - will be a bit unfair not to give the other 2 eggs and not her.

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Can anyone recommend a Kids camp for the summer holidays, they are 12 and 13 years old and think a spell away from us for a couple of weeks at an adveture camp would do them good.

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How do you go about reporting a childs lost identity card and getting a new one please?

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Any idea where I can hire a wheelchair for two weeks for an elderly aunt who is going to be staying with me?

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I am just so busy at the moment and wondered if there were any 'Personal Shopper' services in Antwerp who can help me?

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Need a few ideas to keep the kids occupied this weekend - maybe  a day out and something they can do at home.  Ages are 8 and 12

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My daughter who will be 16 next month wants a party / BBQ at home but does not want either us or her younger brother there (he is 12), however I am a bit wary of this and have suggested that she has an afternoon party but she is insisting on it being in the evening and we re now getting into rows about this and my son is very uset that he is not allowed to stay at home for the party - any ideas how I handle this and please eveyone.  My husband is no help as he says that it up to me.

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Is there such a thing in Antwerp please - looking for an ocassional babysitter in the evenings but would prefer to use an agency.

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I read in the news about the woman who drowned her two sons as she felt she had no alternative due to financial difficulties as her husband had lost his job.  Surely there is some form of welfare here or support she could have got - do they ot have the equivelant of social workers here.  I find it all very sad that Europe as a whole is turning into a third world unit with more and more stories of hardship here.

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Can anyone recommend a dentist good with children please - Antwerp area? It's for the daughter of a friend.

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Thinking of taking some visitors, with their 2 small children this weekend. We've never been - is it worth a visit?

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Where can I find a list of Ballet Schools in Belgium, preferably Antwerp or Ghent.

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Hi everyone, there is a new project www.flandersexpat.be which is designed to connect expat women in Flanders and Brussels.This website has been created by an expat woman living in Flanders. It takes so much time and many efforts to find friends in a new place, ask a certain question, find the right person. On our website you can: find useful links about Flandersread articles about Flanders, interesting places, important events, etc.make your own page on our website by sending us your stories, pictures, ads and telling us about local meetings you have in your townlearn more about Flemish/Belgian cuisine and send us more of your own recipes which you have cooked or tried in Belgiumpublish free advertising on the websitelearn DutchRemember to visit our page on Facebook and Twitter. Please share the link with your expat friends living in Belgium. Good luck and have a nice stay in Belgium! www.flandersexpat.beinfo@flandersexpat.be

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