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Am I right in thinking that any improvements to your home that reduces heat loss or saves energy such as double glazing and solar heating is tax deductable?

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How can I check if  company is legally registered over here? 

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Has anyone else had a letter from their UK bank saying that their account is being closed and if so which bank are you with?  

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Can anyone recommend a broker who can buy shares for me please.

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Could anyone recommend one as need to find a new one fast.

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Is a will made in the UK valid in Belgium or do I need to make a new one - I have both property here and in the UK  and investments in the UK.

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can anyone recommend a good accountant please, with Belgian/UK knowledge?

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What rights do employers have here to require you to have a medical half way through your contract?  and Can I refuse?

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We are going to the USA and then onto Canada for a holiday in the summer and I need to sprt out travel insurance as my current one only covers the EU and their policy for USA is not that good.  Can someone recommend  very comprehensive policy that allows for sporting activities such as hrse riding and scuba diving.

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If I have a complaint about a sale of goods and got no joy from the shop who sold it - is there something like trading standards that they have in the UK that I can speak to for advice?

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Hello everyone, I'm in the process of renewing my british passport. Only problem is, as mentioned on the .gov website, the passport photo needs to be signed by someone who has a british identity.   How, where, who could I approach for signing my passport photo in this part of Belgium (Ghent)?

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Can anybody recommend an online insurer for an assurance Habitation or House and content insurance? Thanks.

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If you get married here is the marriage recognised in non-eu countries?

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I'm advised that should the vote for Scottish Independence be a "yes" result, the value of the pound may be affected by as much as 10%. That's a potential devaluation by as much as 10%. So, if anyone is thinking of exchanging an amount of currency, either way, it may be worth doing it before the vote (for sterling to euros), or afterwards, (for euros to sterling).

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Can someone advise who I should go to for help in retreiving my deposit from my ex-landlord.  When we paid the deposit we paid two-thirds cash, one-third by cheque.  The landlord is now claiming I only paid with two cheques, and he claims he only banked one of them.  I can show bank statements that show the cash withdrawals for the amount I paid in cash.  The landlord is unable to produce the 2nd cheque that he claims I gave him but that he has not banked. Where do I go next?  Any advice? thanks.

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Hello Does anyone know where I can get rid of all my copper coins (I hate them! Australia has the best idea of getting rid of them completely!!). But I have a lot, and don't know if I can just take them into a bank or if there are those dispensers like they have in UK for them? I'd be grateful for any ideas. Thanks.

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I am thinking of buying a house or apartment here and was wondering how easy or difficult it is to obtain a mortgage at the moment.  I am self employed and have one year's records of Belgian income.

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I wonder if someone could recommend a lawyer with a knowledge of UK property law please?

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We have just concluded our house purchase and need to sort out a will, we already have one drawn up by a UK Lawyer can we just add to that or must we have one done here in Belgium?

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