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I have loads of leftovers from Christmas, Ham & Turkey, Cranberry Sauce etc  and do not want to make the usual turkey curry so what else can I do.  We are going away skiing tomorrow so must be freezable.  Any ideas?

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Does anyone happen to know of a good restaurant that is open for Xmas Day lunches please?

started by: skippy-623467 · last update: 1449493479 · posted: 1449406768

Hello,  I am moving to Antwerp for 12 months from Australia and wondering if anyone can give me some suggestions for organic food anywhere in Antwerp. Also any healthy style restaurants? Thanks so much,

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Hi All  Where can I find an equivalent to double cream? or in fact fresh cream/milk that isn't pasteurised at UHT? Or if that isn't possible has anyone had good results making a ganache with UHT cream?  Thanks  Catherine  

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I need a cake made for a special ocassion but would prefer to make the actual cake (Fruit) myself and an looking for someone in Antwerp who can decorate it for me - needs to be either Royal or Fondant icing - I don't suppose anyone knows someone who  can do this for me?  If so could you let me know.  Many thanks.

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OK this may sound daft but how do you make a Halloween Lantern out of a Pumpkin and how far in advance can you do them?  Never done one before and we are having a party so want a load of them to line the pathway and put around the garden.

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Is there a local cheese that I can use in place of Rocquefort?

started by: Maddison-925120 · last update: 1431373566 · posted: 1430777659

Which is the best Sushi place in Antwerp - could do with one that does take-away too.

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I wondered if there was an equivalent to CAMRA in Belgium? If so, does anyone belong to a local branch?

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My brother-in-law is coming to visit next month, and is a "real ale" fanatic. I'd like to take him on a brewery tour and wondered if there are any breweries in this area that do tours?

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Does anyone know where I can buy freshly baked gluten free bread in Antwerp?

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Has anyone found this spice in Antwerp?

started by: Louie-925115 · last update: 1418967870 · posted: 1418967870

Anyone have a recipe for maing this please?

started by: Rollo-778669 · last update: 1416435761 · posted: 1415983506

Just moved to Antwerp. Is there anywhere in Antwerp where I can buy home brew beer supplies please??

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Our son has flown the nest and returned to England to live which means this year is our first year with just the two of us, thought it would be a good idea to go out for christmas dinner instead of staying at home (which I have done for the last 18 years). Does anyone have any good ideas as to where to go for christmas dinner on the 25th December, and also how much does it cost, as have never done this before - Antwerp area.

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Had a slow cooker  years ago,and i am thinking about getting one again,but need some recipes to inspire me into thinking it will be worth me buying one .  I would welcome recipes from anyone that has a favorite tried and tested please ?

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I want 2 Birthday cakes made for girls. 1 for 14th Nov and one for 23rd January. Please PM me if anyone is interested

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Antwerp - just wondering if anyone knows where I can find different international food ingredients such as tamarind paste, different curry pastes, and other Thai/Viet or Indian  things. ...anyone know of any small shops maybe where they specialize?  Thanks 

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See this? http://antwerp.angloinfo.com/classifieds/viewfeatured/499467/-win-a-year-of-shopping-at-british-corner-shop-online A year's supply of Heinz Beans - LOL

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I have to meet an employee in Antwerp next Friday and wondered if anyone could suggest a bar on the  outskirts of Antwerp where we could meet and leave one car whilst we carry on to our appointment  with a client in the centre of the city.  Neither of us are familiar with the city,

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