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Besides the basics like washing hands, what ideas have you found to keep safe in the virus?

started by: Millie-984990 · last update: 1451559752 · posted: 1451519506

Can anyone recommend a good hairdresser please? My hair is very fine and I need a good cut to make it look good. The hairdresser I had for years has left Antwerp and moved to Brussels.

started by: Wilko-984986 · last update: 1450872235 · posted: 1450872235

Can anyone recommend an English speaking chiropractor in Antwerp please?

started by: Stella-4680 · last update: 1443441887 · posted: 1443441887

Hi there, Can anyone recommend a good English-speaking dermatologist near Bruges? In particular, someone who specialises in moles and mole removal. Thanks!

started by: Bingo-984985 · last update: 1435397278 · posted: 1434720830

looking fo beauty tech who does threading in Bruges

started by: Willow-984989 · last update: 1432711980 · posted: 1432305249

Does anyone know of an English speakiing Chiropodist in the Antwerp area please.  Thanks for your help

started by: Wilko-984986 · last update: 1431778957 · posted: 1430310871

I think I need an eye test and new glasses. Can I just go to an opticians, as in the UK? (In France I had to book a separate appointment with an opthalmic person)

started by: Cassie-378121 · last update: 1428702977 · posted: 1428702977

can I buy Frizz Ease here in Belgium or something like it?  Thanks

started by: Millie-984990 · last update: 1428579549 · posted: 1427928135

Please could anyone recommend a cranial osteopath and/or a reflexologist, in Antwerp, Turnhout or anywhere in between?  Thank you very much.

started by: Willow-984989 · last update: 1427480392 · posted: 1427406908

Does any body know where I can buy Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser anywhere? Any suggestions on something that is good but not expensive otherwise.

started by: Millie-984990 · last update: 1419263912 · posted: 1419263912

Just wondering if there are any dance classes running anywhere around Ghent?  Salsa would be great but any considered. Many thanks

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what do people think will happen to the S1 if the UK pulls out of the EU. Just a thought for a very wet afternoon!

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Can anyone recommend one in Antwerp please?

started by: Maddison-925120 · last update: 1413918985 · posted: 1413918985

I have decided to take out Private Insurance for Health Care, can anyone recommend one and why they think that it is the best or any reasons why I should avoid a particular company.

started by: LilyMay-925121 · last update: 1410855950 · posted: 1409642457

I have developed a rash having used a different washing up liquid to my normal one, it is really itchy and skin is flaky - the doctor gave me some steroid cream but I really do not like using steroids - anyone have any ideas as t what else will work that is non-steroid.

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Do you have to be a Nurse or a Doctor to practice Homeopathy here in Belgium?

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Is there a gym in Antwerp where you can go without having to buy a membership - only visiting for a month.

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Can anyone recommend a good one that deals with sports injuries please.

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Just saw a discussion on TV about nut allergy and confusing labelling. I don't have a problem but have relatives with kids who will be visiting this summer, one of which apparently has an allergy. What's the situation with labelling here?

started by: Ella-779198 · last update: 1398341390 · posted: 1397163804

I have an elderly aunt coming to stay and need a lightweight folding wheelchair for about a month.

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