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  Hello! I have noticed that a Border Collie cross has been left outside ever since I arrived 2 weeks ago. I can see it from my balcony. It has no shelter, no bed and is outside in the yard all the time by itself. I can see a bowl which is presumably for water, I don't see anything for where he/she is eating. Do I call the police or is there an animal agency that I should contact? Thank you in advance for any advice,

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Has anyone got any bull finches for sale

started by: Jessie-984993 · last update: 1446454879 · posted: 1446407466

URGENT.. Hi all is there any animal welfare or somewhere where I can report animal abuse .Somewhere that people will take serious action. Thanks.

started by: Louie-925115 · last update: 1438863678 · posted: 1438724331

Due to a family emergency I need to get a pet sitter for my cat and dog for a few days, Can anyone recommend one in Antwerp please.

started by: Jessie-984993 · last update: 1438081160 · posted: 1437580206

Does anyone know of any puppy training classes in Ghent please? Preferably with some English spoken.

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I have just bought this online for my Pooch, however am now a bit concerned about using it as I have always used Frontline, has anyone out there used Advantage and have there been any side affects?  Would take her to a vet but costs a bomb for just walking through the door 

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Do dogs get hay fever as mine sneezes everytime we take her to the countryside, she seems fine in the city but minute we get outside then she sneezes constantly.

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Hello I'd like to have bees, but not sure where to start and would be grateful for any help.

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Hi guys, does anyone know a good vet, english speaking preferably reasonably priced one? Borghout area.

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I know that Germany has a very strict list of dogs that are on the 'Dangerous Dogs list' but does this apply to visitors as well to Germany as I believe Mastiffs are on the list and we have one and want to take her with us.

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Am I best ordering this online or from a vet - seems that the price varies so much between the two but do not want to upset my vet as he has recommended it for our dog.

started by: Victoria-4681 · last update: 1420021847 · posted: 1419966521

Hi all I've just moved to Bruges and my dog is in need of a vet already....very jippy tummy! - could someone email me details of any english speaking vet in Bruges that you would recommend.

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I live in Ghent with a mouse, he is very sweet but I want him out!  Can anyone tell me where I can borrow/find/buy one of those traps that just catches the mouse alive in a box?

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Please can I have advise on the best vet for dogs in Bruges area also any one have any recommendations on boarding kennels for my dogs ? Many thanks

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Can anyone recommend a good boarding kennels in or near Antwerp please or better still a pet sitting service whilst we are on holiday.

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Where can I buy logs in bulk around the Bruge area?

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At what age should we get our female puppy spayed?  I think my vet is wanting to do it too young and i was always told by our UK vet that we should wait until a bitch had her first season to prevent any problems.  Anyone out there tell me what age you had yours done?

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Not done this before and wondered what happens when you get to the Chunnel - anyone know?

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Our female dog wanders off - bit of an escape artist and though she always comes back I wondered if this is normal - I know male dogs do but thought bitches stayed close to home.

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Are their any restrictions on where you can take dogs, thinking of public transport, beaches, restaurants primarily whilst we are on holiday in Belgium.

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