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Where along the coast is the best sailing club(s) - I used to sail a lot but not had much time for it lately and now would like to get back into it.   Happy to crew for anyone who has a yacht too.

started by: skippy-623467 · last update: 1445944638 · posted: 1445859107

I'm in Antwerp next Saturday. Any suggestions as to a pub/cafe showing the Rugby World Cup Final on TV?

started by: Kenzie-925116 · last update: 1445325838 · posted: 1443946857

What a disaster - need I say more.  Gutted.

started by: Harry-4682 · last update: 1443902646 · posted: 1443902441

I'm in Antwerp for the weekend. Anybody tell me where I can watch the England game - URGENT!!

started by: Dillon-925118 · last update: 1443441594 · posted: 1442574292

Anyone else think that Fiji could just win the match tonight?  Heading out to a bar to watch it - can't wait.

started by: Louie-925115 · last update: 1441055993 · posted: 1440668944

Any bars in Ghent that will be showing the matches?

started by: Twerp · last update: 1440330855 · posted: 1440108922

Anyone heading for Spa this weekend? Our first time and I wondered if anyone could advise on how long we need to allow to get in and park. Previous experience at Silverstone suggests several hours!!

started by: Stella-4680 · last update: 1439245725 · posted: 1438254782

Does anyone know if there is a country club, sports club or hotel where you can become a member and have access to a good outdoor swiming pool ? or anywhere that accepts a day charge for use of a nice big swimming pool.  Just moved to Bruges and have transport.

started by: Isabel-925119 · last update: 1434720336 · posted: 1434292253

I roared with laughter at the Belgium fans who using Sat Nav ended up in a little town in the north of England called Wales and not Wales the country.  I once put Paris into my Sat Nav and it gave me the route for Paris Texas and not Paris France,  I always wondered what would have happened when we got to the Atlantic coast - perhaps they have a secret tunnel under the sea that we don't know about.

started by: Dillon-925118 · last update: 1433190576 · posted: 1432924569

Does anyone know of either mens classes or mixed yoga classes in Antwerp area.

started by: Kenzie-925116 · last update: 1430037549 · posted: 1429798250

Are there any within a reasonable distance of Antwerp that teach the basics - even on a lake ?

started by: Willow-984989 · last update: 1428052645 · posted: 1427708034

Does anyone know where there is a badminton club around Antwerp please?

started by: Isabel-925119 · last update: 1425544509 · posted: 1423727669

Could anybody recommend a comprehensive travel guide to Belgium that is in English please.

started by: Zach-925117 · last update: 1421045304 · posted: 1420959502

Where can I find snow reports for the Belgium ski resorts that are open.

started by: LilyMay-925121 · last update: 1420702917 · posted: 1420702917

Where can I get tickets for the match on Sunday 18th for the - Antwerp Phantoms vs. Olympiaheist match.

started by: Wilko-984986 · last update: 1418729091 · posted: 1418634776

Hi, I am looking for a cheap electric 6 string guitar and amp, also books and tuner etc would be an advantage. I want to learn so doesn't have to be anything too fancy as I don't know yet if I will take to it, just fancy having a go.  I wondered if anyone has one, or can suggest a 2nd hand shop in Antwerp where I can buy one. Thanks

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Anybody know if there are any Zumba classes in Bruges?

started by: Issac-925114 · last update: 1415195318 · posted: 1414783663

Any teams in Belgium or am  I going to have to go to the Netherlands to watch matches?

started by: LilyMay-925121 · last update: 1413445210 · posted: 1413445210

Can anyone point me in the direction of a Horse Riding Centre that will teach the whole family please.

started by: Isabel-925119 · last update: 1408008788 · posted: 1407922198

Does anyone know where I can find information on the Diamond Walks around Antwerp and if it is possible to book online?

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