Local Blogs

Its All Greek To Me
The experiences of a Greek raised between Greece, Cyprus and the UK on moving back to Greece and life here.
My Big Fat Greek Life
Sharp observations on life in Athens. With tips and hints for getting the most out of life here.
Square City
An Angloinfo Athens blog. Reviews of the square of Athens. It is Athens "plateias" that make the city special and reflect true Greekness. Readers are welcome to contribute their own reviews.
ch-athens - a swiss geek in Athens
Life in Athens and Greece for someone from far beyond the mountains. General musings on life here, funny and profound. Also computing related topics. The blog is also available in German and Greek.
Jewish life in Greece, and further afield. Comments on aspects of Greek Jewish life including anti semitism and historic Greek jewry. Written by a Greek Jew. Excellent English and pictures.
Intelligent discussion and comment. Topics include the Western media, social networking, energy policy, Arab uprisings and, of course, life in Athens. Written by a Nigerian now living here.
Blog often discussing atheism.
This Is Not My Country
Human rights blog focusing on the situation in Greece. Especially concerned with issues relating to immigration, Roma (Gypsies) and being foreign in Greece.
The struggle of immigrants to Greece. Based in Thessaloniki but with information relevant and interesting about illegal immigrants and refugees.
I Heart Athens
One of Angloinfos own blogs. A personal view of life in the shouty concrete jungle that is Athens.
Veggie Wedgie
Food blog for vegans with many vegan recipes, tips and addresses.
The secret online identity of Athena (a computer dabbler and mother the rest of the time). Blogging is cheaper than therapy. Thoughts, pictures, great recipes and much else. Funny.
Daily Frappe
News and forums about Greece. Aimed at the Greek diaspora it also has useful information about life in Greece and a publishes a newsletter.
Greek Salad - A Blog from Greece
Blog, written by a Swedish woman living in Athens, touching on architecture, children, art, music and other topics.
Living, Working, Musing & Misadventures in Greece
Information website written by an American living in Athens.
Greece in My Heart
A photoblog by a Swedish woman living in Athens.
Poised at the Starting Line
"The hopefully humorous ramblings of a world citizen who landed in Greece."
Athens Living
Video reports on different aspects of Athens the city, Athenians and Athens life.
From the Greek Streets
Blog on the political and social situation in Greece. Distinctly leftist views.