Byron College -The British International School

Byron College is the British International School in Athens, founded on the British tradition of academic excellence whilst embracing a global perspective. From nursery school to 6th form. At Filolaou 7, 153 44 Gerakas.

Byron College is the British International School in Athens, founded on the British tradition of academic excellence whilst embracing a global perspective. From nursery school to 6th form. At Filolaou 7, 153 44 Gerakas.

Byron College is the British International School in Athens, accredited by the BSO (British Schools Overseas) and formally registered with the Department for Education in the United Kingdom with DfE reference no 6337.

It is a leading school in Athens founded on the British tradition of academic excellence whilst embracing a global perspective.

The school provides British Education to 3-18 year olds since 1986 and is egalitarian and inclusive and consistently pursues academic excellence whilst maintaining the highest standards of self-discipline, community participation and ethos. It has always been truly international, with a community of pupils from over 45 different national backgrounds.

Children who attend Byron are provided with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to succeed in the challenging international environment but they are also provided with a ‘global conscience’ to be sensitive to difference, tolerant of diversity and respectful of others. 


Byron College is consistent in its efforts to discover the talents inherent in every child, to inspire creativity and to encourage individuality.

The highly qualified staff are dedicated to building confidence in pupils by celebrating their many accomplishments and helping them to maximise their potential. Byron pupils - past and present - are a living testimony to its successes; individuals who benefit their community, society and the world of tomorrow.

Byron College is a vibrant element of the community; its pupils act as ambassadors upholding and promoting its altruistic philosophy and environmental commitment, while striving to build bridges among cultures.

In the spirit of Lord Byron, Byron College is quixotic, egalitarian, boundary challenging and adventurous.


Byron College is one School on one site and all children share the same day and the same school holidays. Part of the schools unique character is that children across a range of ages can mix safely together; can be involved in joint activity and older pupils can develop a sense of responsibility toward the young alongside their obligation to be community leaders and positive, healthy role models.

During their time at Byron College pupils from Nursery to Year 9 will follow a broad curriculum that is based on the UK Key Stage model and in Year 10 will begin a 2-year cycle of study leading to the sitting of IGCSE exams in Year 11.

Sixth Formers (Years 12 and 13) are prepared for university and college entrance through the dedicated teaching of AS and A-Level GCE subjects.

Formal qualifications are obtained at the school:

  1. International General Certificate of Secondary Education (Years 10 and 11)
  2. AS and A-Level General Certificate of Education Exams (Years 12 and 13)

These qualifications are awarded by the following examination bodies:

  • EdExcel London Examinations Board
  • University of Cambridge International Examinations Board

In addition, Byron pupils can also enter for the exams conducted by ECDL (European Computer License) and by the Greek Ministry, Ellinomathia.

Academic Excellence

Byron College prides itself on the achievements of its pupils and of its teachers. This sense of pride is shared equally amongst all of the years; academic excellence, to Byron College, means the real progress made by an EAL pupil in Reception as well as a Sixth Former gaining entry to the University of Cambridge.

100% of pupils enter their 1st choice University.

It is through a combination of success at IGCSE and A-Level that Byron pupils gain entrance to universities throughout the world; the most prestigious UK Universities and also to international universities in the USA, Canada, The Netherlands etc

Russell Group Universities

*Russell Group universities which have offered places to Byron pupils in the past decade.


University of Birmingham*
University of Bristol*
University of Cambridge*
Cardiff University*
Durham University*
University of Edinburgh*
University of Exeter*
University of Glasgow*
Imperial College London*
Kings College London*
University of Leeds*
University of Liverpool*
London School of Economics & Political Science*
University of Manchester*
Newcastle University*
University of Nottingham*
University of Oxford*
Queen Mary, University of London*
Queens University Belfast
University of Sheffield*
University of Southampton*
University College London*
University of Warwick*
University of York*

The A level qualification is considered the “gold standard” at these universities as well from McGill University, MIT UCL etc.

Of course, exam success rates and university placement records are good indicators of the achievement of academic success by aiming for excellence, but the school also uses other measures.

Academic excellence also means:

  • being able to record real progress
  • the school ensuring that each child reaches its full potential
  • that Byron pupils not only enter top universities throughout the world but do indeed succeed as undergraduates and, later, postgraduates
  • Byron pupils being properly prepared to enter their first choice university
  • Ensuring that real value-added is achieved for all Byron pupils i.e. Positively comparing pupils actual results against predictions.

Byron College also ensures the excellent quality of educational provision by applying the following:

  • Recruiting properly qualified and experienced teachers
  • Providing the conditions under which these teachers and pupils can teach and learn whilst constantly upgrading that environment by investment in teaching materials and investment in the professional development of staff
  • Setting the highest standards of academic behaviour and discipline and by constantly having high expectations of pupils whilst setting them ambitious but attainable goals
  • Constantly appraising the effectiveness of teaching and encouraging the sharing of good practice
  • Closely monitoring the progress made by pupils so that timely interventions can be made
  • Reporting to parents and providing feedback to pupils
  • Providing considered and appropriate teaching and support to EAL pupils and to children with particular needs
  • Offering exceptional support to pupils prior to exam periods with well-organised revision and, very importantly, ensuring that no lesson time is lost and that extra teaching is, in fact, provided.


Other educational opportunities of Byron College include:

  • Extracurricular Activities for Byron and non-Byron pupils
  • Byron College Summer Programme for Children aged 4 to 12

For more information please visit Byron College website or contact us directly.