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Car needed 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Dear all!We need a cheap car for three days in Crete. Chania airport from the 25th until the 27th of Octo...
started by: RussianSchool · last update: 1473927528 · posted: 1473927528
In need of a dog sitter? 1 Pets & Animals
Hi everyone, My gf and I love dogs and since we can't have one here (we both leave in a year) ...
started by: niki · last update: 1471294122 · posted: 1468399546
BREXIT 0 General
No one seems to know yet ...
started by: Dave W-839 · last update: 1469815349 · posted: 1469815349
Homesickness in Athens - Yoga and/or The... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello guys, I feel very lucky I found this community! I am Greek and my girlfriend is Canadian ...
started by: niki · last update: 1468399099 · posted: 1468399099
Skilled handyman 0 Home & Garden
I'm looking for someone to carry out home repairs and renovations. Can anyone recommend someone?
started by: Marion-Lane-859422 · last update: 1463307102 · posted: 1463307102
Where to give away used clothes? 0 General
Is there any place around Athens or Piraeus that will receive used clothes? I have some t shirts and a jacket th...
started by: eva_deckhand · last update: 1462726087 · posted: 1462726087
Play group for children (4-5 years old) 1 Families & Kids
Hello, We are looking for parents interested in organizing a play group in Paleo Psichiko area. We will hire an ...
started by: · last update: 1461057267 · posted: 1453300338
Playgroups in Corinth 1 Families & Kids
Hi, Does anyone know of any playgroups suitable for under 5's in Corinth?
started by: Jesse-Fahey-854348 · last update: 1461057115 · posted: 1459241202
Dog sitting in own home Athens central 0 Pets & Animals
Hi does anyone know of a VERY responsible/trustworthy dog loving person who could stay in my apartment for 4 per...
started by: Anne2205 · last update: 1460471496 · posted: 1460471496
New website 0 AngloINFO Support
Hi new website is much more fun! One thing I find though is the print being grey and not black is difficu...
started by: Anne2205 · last update: 1459947149 · posted: 1459947149
condo title transfer 0 Financial & Legal
We are in Canada. My (greek parents)mom inherited a condo in Greece from my deceased father. She has AZ & I ...
started by: anakam · last update: 1456358641 · posted: 1456358641
withdrawing money from savings account 0 Financial & Legal
Wonder if anyone has any advise   My mother, based in the UK, a greek expat, has a savings ac...
started by: BG-553448 · last update: 1455925617 · posted: 1455925617
how to get an official statement of law 0 Financial & Legal
My very aged dad needs an AMKA and AFM to unblock his Greek pension. He is now very infirm and can't travel so I...
started by: toryb · last update: 1454691762 · posted: 1454691762
Mother's Day reflection 0 Families & Kids
Time to reflect on what wonderful things our mothers have done for us during our lives.  We hope this will ...
started by: redsquirrel-10066857 · last update: 1454431502 · posted: 1454431502
Taxes 1 Financial & Legal
Hello Looking for info in what is required to get the a VAT for a non resident thank you
started by: ATHIINA64 · last update: 1450953250 · posted: 1447002686
Deregistering a car out of Greece 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hello, I hope someone can help me on here. I'm currently trying to purchase a car in the UK and then brin...
started by: sarah2skye-541707 · last update: 1450690310 · posted: 1450456323
Changes to State Pension age for women 0 General
  I'd love to know how this was thought of - the format for the dates for retirement!!! Date o...
started by: patty-549001 · last update: 1449958421 · posted: 1449958421
podiatrists Athens/Gkyfada 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hallo Can anyone please refer me to a really good podiatrusts in Athens, ideally in/near  Glyfada? I...
started by: rapho-660717 · last update: 1442914365 · posted: 1442896474
NI payments. 1 Financial & Legal
I have a son who is married to a Greek women. He currently works in the UK, he is thinking of running a triclye-...
started by: clive donovan · last update: 1442911222 · posted: 1442260865
Free improv comedy class in English 0 Entertainment
Hello all.Improv Comedy Theater is not a very well known art form in Athens yet, but people from abr...
started by: menelaos · last update: 1441141647 · posted: 1441141647
Community gatherings during August? 0 Non-local
Hello, I'm an American journalist considering moving to Greece. I'm currently in Athens through August 28 and wo...
started by: wordhuntermx · last update: 1438783346 · posted: 1438783346
Bumper Repair 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I backed into a tree today and have a nice big crack in my bumper to show for it. I don't want to use my car ins...
started by: Athena-893020 · last update: 1436900053 · posted: 1435687374
Visiting Athens 0 General
We aill be in Athens for one week in early July. Can you give me some ideas of things not to miss? As well as so...
started by: Mischka · last update: 1435687449 · posted: 1435687449
Clothes Repairs 3 General
We have severl ites of clothing needing rehemming, re-zipping, etc. Does anyone know of a tailor or seamstress I...
started by: Maria M-893021 · last update: 1435511232 · posted: 1434641271
Semi permanent 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
hi, I'm looking for an English speaking nail bar where I can have semipermanent gel applied to my toe and finger...
started by: Acropolis Girl · last update: 1435340876 · posted: 1435340876
Bagel Bar 2 Food & Drink
Does anyone know of a bagel and juice bar in downtown Athens please? I'd love to hear back from you.
started by: Sunshine Seeker · last update: 1435249533 · posted: 1434476709
Hotel near Airport 4 General
We will be staying over in Athens for one night on our way to a wedding in Cyprus on October 12. Can anyone reco...
started by: saffy-74603 · last update: 1435249495 · posted: 1434390621
Camping 0 General
We will be in Athens around mid July and we are looking for a nice campsite that accepts dogs. Any ideas please?...
started by: Callojero · last update: 1435080327 · posted: 1435080327
Cheap Vet 0 Pets & Animals
Does anyone know of a vet offering cheap sterilisations? I have a group of stray cats near my place and I'd like...
started by: Athena-893020 · last update: 1435080210 · posted: 1435080210
safety in Athens 4 General
I'm planning on being in Athens for the entire month of August. Along with the warnings about how many tourists ...
started by: wordhuntermx · last update: 1435004064 · posted: 1434816717
BBQ 3 Home & Garden
I am looking for a good electric Weber bbq. Has anyone seen these for sale around town please?
started by: Maria M-893021 · last update: 1434641187 · posted: 1433523231
Party Decorations 2 Entertainment
It is my toddler's birthday in July and I am organising a party for her in our garden. Can someone recommend...
started by: Athena-893020 · last update: 1434476629 · posted: 1433435330
Renting a Villa 4 Home & Garden
Does anyone know of a few good sites for renting a villa this summer direct from local owners?
started by: Jason Cooper · last update: 1433783273 · posted: 1430928488
UV Clothing 4 Families & Kids
Does anyone know where I can buy a UV proof swimsuit and a hat for my daughter please?
started by: Jason Cooper · last update: 1433226244 · posted: 1432392207
Making a will for Greek property 3 Financial & Legal
I have recently bought a property in Greece as a second home. Can anyone advise if I need to set up a will in Gr...
started by: martha-10039435 · last update: 1433179987 · posted: 1432747814
Snooker 2 Sport & Leisure
Anybody  know where I can find snooker playing facilities in the Marousi area? 
started by: danieljm · last update: 1432885536 · posted: 1432810652
short-term art classes taught in English 2 General
I'll be in Athens for all of August, and am looking for short-term art classes taught in English. Any that anyon...
started by: wordhuntermx · last update: 1432665307 · posted: 1432591271
Scooter? 4 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Does anyone know if you need to take a seperate licence for driving a scooter here? I would love to buy one this...
started by: Athena-893020 · last update: 1432661764 · posted: 1431608456
Jobs for Anglophones 0 General
Can anyone recommend a local employment agency specialised in finding work for speakers of English please?
started by: Sunshine Seeker · last update: 1432392157 · posted: 1432392157
Organic Baskets 0 Food & Drink
Does anyone know a supplier of organic vegetable and fruit baskets in the area please?
started by: Jason Cooper · last update: 1432134642 · posted: 1432134642
Good Food @ Excellant Value 5 Food & Drink
Looking for a good value  meal, accompanied with a glass or two of  wine (90 Cents a glass) - look no ...
started by: Jon Croucher · last update: 1432059650 · posted: 1431945991
The Vibrators at the AN Club 3 Entertainment
Hi, The Vibrators are playing at the AN Club in Athens next Monday (18th May). Would you like to j...
started by: jmiguel · last update: 1432055937 · posted: 1431716953
Leishmaniasis 5 Pets & Animals
Does anyone know if this is illness is a danger for dogs here and if so how do I protect my dog? Thanks for ...
started by: Maria M-893021 · last update: 1431608396 · posted: 1431012958
Smartphone Repair 2 General
I have just this minute smashed my Iphone 6 screen and i don't have insurance. Can anyone tell me of a good plac...
started by: Maria M-893021 · last update: 1431450168 · posted: 1429016784
Emigrating the UK? 1 Entertainment
Hello. I'm looking to speak to people who have made the decision to leave the UK and move abroad for a potential...
started by: EllieGibbs · last update: 1431361576 · posted: 1431100312
Paragliding 4 Sport & Leisure
My husband has always been paragliding nuts but has never given it a go. Does anyone know of a local school wher...
started by: Sunshine Seeker · last update: 1430928443 · posted: 1429548173
Learning the Lingo 2 General
Is there anyone out there interested in doing an English-Greek language exchange with me once or twice a week ov...
started by: Maria M-893021 · last update: 1430757696 · posted: 1429548236
Wooden Toys 2 Families & Kids
Does anyone know of a nice toy shop selling locally produced wooden toys for children please?
started by: Maria M-893021 · last update: 1430757652 · posted: 1428603823
crete 3 General
We are thinking of spending up to two months in Crete thru September and October this year.  It is 30 years...
started by: ursie-781911 · last update: 1430228155 · posted: 1428595913
Tennis Partner 2 Sport & Leisure
Would anyone be interested in playing a game of tennis with me once a week? I am a 30 year old, intermediate lev...
started by: Acropolis Girl · last update: 1429109598 · posted: 1428949415