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Larnaca airport taxi transfer - It is easy to book our services, just go to our site Exclusive.Taxi,or mail us at info@Exclusive.taxi, or you can call our 24-hour call center. Also,it is easy to pay us as we accept a range of payment methods, including viayour online account, cash, major credit or debit cards. Exclusive.Taxi iscommitted to its customers and hence it ensures you reach at your destinationon or before time and with complete comfort.

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Is it expensive to rent a car Larnaca?

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We are in the process of booking a holiday in Greece in July. The question is: should we rent a car? I understand traffic in Athens is a bit chaotic.Or should we stick to public transport (we have a 5 year old girl)?

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Hi we live on Aegina Island near Athens - were looking to buy a small and easy, cheap second hand car but we don't have any previous experience with buying cars and so far we have only been able to find expensive companies online that sell second hand cars.. any help with idea's of where to look and what to be aware of would be much appreciated - thanks!

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Dear all!We need a cheap car for three days in Crete. Chania airport from the 25th until the 27th of October.Please, let us know of something.Thank you.

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Hello, I hope someone can help me on here. I'm currently trying to purchase a car in the UK and then bring over to France but it is on Greek plates. I have been informed that it is finance clear but how do I check? Is there anyone I can email documents to, (I have copies of paperwork), to check it is finance clear and I am not buying a stolen car or one still owning money on? Many thanks in advance Sarah (France)  

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I need to have some body work done on my VW Polo and I don't want to get ripped off at VW. Can anyone recommend a reasonable place in Athens please?

started by: Athena-893020 · last update: 1436900053 · posted: 1435687374

I backed into a tree today and have a nice big crack in my bumper to show for it. I don't want to use my car insurance adn risk increasing my premium. Can anyone recommend an English speaking body work place specialising in VWs? Thanks for your help!

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Does anyone know if you need to take a seperate licence for driving a scooter here? I would love to buy one this summer but I don't want to have to take a course...

started by: Athena-893020 · last update: 1422976787 · posted: 1421240497

Hello evereyone. I have decided to bite the bullet and take some driving lessons but I don't speak Greek. Does anyone know of a school offering instruction in English please?

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Hi Moving to Tolo in the Argolid in December 2014. Does anyone on here know of used car dealers in the area with a selection of makes for sale?

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I need to hire a minibus to get 8 of us from Plaka to the airport on Sunday. Does anyone have any numbers for me?

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I need to sell my old Punto rather quickly as we are leaving Athens unexpectedly at the end of the month. Any ideas on where I can advertise it for a sure-fire sale?

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My car has either been stolen or towed. Who do I call, what do I do? I parked in the Omonoia area.

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Can anyone tell me if I have to have my UK licence converted to a Greek one now that I live here?

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I am very tempted to buy a scooter but I am worried about the state of the roads here. What do other scooter drivers think? Will I get knocked off on my first drive?

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hi all, does anybody know what is needed to get an international temporary registration / licence plate (and insurance) in greece? i want to buy a used bike and take it out of the country.i i heard that i need a greek tax number (+adress) for this, but am not sure if this is needed for temporary registration of a vehicle as a tourist. thanks! katja

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I am a tourist not a resident. How can I buy a car in Greece?

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