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We are in the process of booking a holiday in Greece in July. The question is: should we rent a car? I understand traffic in Athens is a bit chaotic.Or should we stick to public transport (we have a 5 year old girl)?


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It depends what your plans are?

Public transportation is very good in Athens. If you want to visit the city, there is no need for a car. You can easily use the metro or buses. And don't forget that taxi's are also very cheap.

I do advise you to take the metro from the airport to the city centre. Taxi drivers are known to overcharge foreigners.

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I agree with Marianne. Unless you are planning on travelling around Greece, you won't need a car. Athens has a very good public transportation network.

You can find more detailed information on the following page:


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Thanks, I think we'll just rent a car for a couple of days if we plan to go out of town.

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iI done the same mate I rented a car clocked 14,000km, at the time the cabbies were on strike and the mess and tormoil Greece is in it is better to rent or buy, remember the old saying ,Have wheels will travel.

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Heah buses in Athens you dont have to pay I parked my car and used there transport free of charge that way you do get to see Athens and various suburbs of Athens by bus hopping around Athens, try it next time it is great fun mate.

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