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Is there an oldtimer club in Athens Would love to join

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Hi,I live in Bulgaria and am thinking of coming over to Greece to buy a car to bring over to Bulgaria.Is it better to buy private or from a dealer?I am looking for something like a 2006 BMW X5 or similar at a good price.Grateful for advice or recommendations or to hear from anyone selling.Thanks for your answers.George.

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I am told that circulation in central Athens is controlled by an odd/even system tat has to do with the last number on your plates. I know it is free circulation on Sundays but I am not sure about Saturdays. Any words of wisdom?

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I am a bit confused. Is it allowed or not to take your bike in the metro?

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My son and his friend are driving from the UK to Athens driving through as many countries as possible to raise money for the British Heart Foundation as my sons friend (only in his thirties) has had open heart surgery. They left the UK on Sunday and have just made Greece. They have flights booked for home on Friday. Part of the adventure (in true 'Top Gear' style) was to pay no more than £101 for the car!What they hadn't thought through, was what to do with the car if they did make it all the way, as it now looks as though they will.Is anyone here interested in driving the car back to the UK??LKB

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Hi, is it possible to exchange a UK licence for a Greek one? How do i do this? thanks!!! xxxx

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Can anyone advise me? We were on a motor bike and skidded in some oil that was leaking from a van and crashed. Who is actually responsible? Does the owner/driver of the van have any legal responsability? Would really appreciate some advice or tips if anyone has been in a similar situation. Thanks/ Faye.

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Apparently we will be getting fewer taxis in Athens. One of the things I always liked about it here is that you can usually find a cab AND afford it (not like London).This article is from Ekathimerini and should be of interest to anyone living here: http://dlvr.it/Vjtrs

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in the car driving the other day a little piece of paper flew out from under my windscreen wipers. it could have been and advert - it could have been a ticket though (i was parked legally, but hey, it wouldnt be the first time). how can i find out if it was a ticket or not? is there a website or an office?? tommy.

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is there a bus directly from the ferry port to the airport??

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I would love to create a car sharing business in Athens, any ideas , suggestions?

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STOLEN outside of my work 12.06.2010 in Tzitzifies-Kallithea.A white women's SCOTT P55 Sportster, see picture on the following link. http://media.rei.com/media/dd/492083a2-bc2b-4fa7-8094-4448345e53c0.jpgIn addition to the picture my bike has extras: a black rack behind, mudguards front & back, a stand and a bell.Please keep your eyes and ears open and if you see/hear anything, let me know, any piece of information is really appreciated. My email is paivimiettinen@hotmail.com.And please do spread the word! Thanks.

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hi there does anyone knows if after passing your driving test you should have P-passed or N-new plates (stickers) on your car???? and how long you should have them on your car for .many thanks x x x

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We are thinking of moving to Greece and bringing our car along from the UK. Is it difficult to get the car registered? How soon should this be done? Any other things we should know about?

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