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Hi I will be travelling to Greece on Sunday and I have a 5 month old and she is currently on the formula Similac Sensitive (reduced lactose). Does anyone know of similar formulas (name) that is reduced lactose and where to get it? Thanks.


Jason Cooper 1422528094

You could try the Bio Shop near the plaka area. The address is: 30 Nikis

Melissa-937019 1422736516

Ι'm 99% sure you can't buy baby formula in regular shops, just pharmacies. Brand names widely available are Aptamil (Milupa), Frisolac (Nounou), Almiron (Nutricia). I would ask at a pharmacy as soon as you arrive. Even if they don't have the milk in stock, they can usually order it in the same day. If you're flying into Athens, check at the pharmacy at the airport (arrivals - ground floor, near the post office, opposite car rental). I seem to recall they stock a wide range of formulas.

mandy-991806 1423386683

Thank you

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