Things to do with my baby

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I am often at home alone with my baby as my partner is a pilot. I am often stuck for things to do with my 18 month old and I am looking for some ideas. Any suggestions? I have a car by the way.


Jason Cooper 1427730803

This page should give you some food for thought!

Maria M-893021 1427895650

Thanks for the link Jason.

yulie-10035697 1430006366

Maria, why don't u try Foreign Mothers group on Fb-very useful+u can arrange playdates and meet new friends for ur baby and urself

omanaya 1430117619

hi...i just stumbled on your post...i am an american woman living in peloponisos these months, i need to be in athens one week in may....i just thought - i love love love babies and to offer childcare, and i am in need of some accomodation that week, perhaps if its the same time your partner is away, and you have some space to share, i could exchange child care and/or we do things together? if you wish to discuss, email me

Melissa-937019 1432208696

You could try Friend's Corner in Glyfada. It's a parent-run playgroup and they have one or two days a week dedicated to babies.

Maria M-893021 1432392054

Thanks for the suggestion!

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