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I am looking for some weekend activities to take my son along to this summer but preferably English language activities. Do you have any ideas? We are in Plaka.

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Does anyone know where I could take my 6 year old daughter for horse riding lessons in or around Athens please?

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I'd love to hear from anyother Anglophone families who homeschool their children here in Athens, either themselves or with help from private tutors.

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Do you know where I can take my son to have his photo taken with Santa Claus and the elves here in Athens please?

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I am looking for a Christmas holiday camp for the kids, preferably in English. Any suggestions?

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Can anyone tell me what the going rate is for babysitters in Athens please?

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A new mentoring program has just started in Athens, Greece.  CK  Mentor Program values and seeks to change the lives of children and young adults through working within the community, schools, and many places in bewteen.  It operates in communities all across Athens, Greece. Their uniques brand of one-to-one mentoring has a large and significant impact on each individuals' lives. Check it out at: www.ckmentoring.com

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Does anyone out there know what groups and associations there are in Greece supporting autistic kids and their parents? We speak pretty good Greek now.

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I would like the kids to experience Halloween for the first time this year but I guess we are not really in the best place for that. Is the expat community organising any Halloween parties for kids?

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Can anyone please tell me what the quality and prices of the supermarket MARKET IN , which is situated in Kypselli Athens is like?

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Would anyone be interested in setting up a regular play date for English speaking under 5s?

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I am looking for a mother and baby group for English speakers in Athens. Any ideas?

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I am looking for a bilingual (Greek-English) creche in the Plaka or Monisteraki area. Thanks for your recommendations.

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Hi there, am not really sure if this exists (google is sending me in circles), but I'm keen to know if there might exist any summer club / camp type thing that my 3-year old could attend in Greece. Am thinking the ideal would be a non-residential daily morning club, perhaps 2 weeks to a month, in Greek and attended by Greeks (though with lots of play of course, not a hothouse!), so we can combine it with a family holiday. We live in the UK and are raising him bilingual (Greek / English) but, while he understands Greek perfectly, he's only replying in English and we are sure the key must be putting him into a more immersive environment with other kids speaking Greek around and to him. I'd also like to do a Greek course myself, as I'm pretty basic (it's my husband whose Greek), ideally also daily classes for an intensive experience. Any tips would be greatly appreciated - on either / both of the above. Thank you!

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Does anyone know where I can send my son to holy communion classes in English in Athens please?

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Is there anywhere we can take the kids to do an Easter egg hunt this coming weekend please?

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Hi, My fiacee and I have recently been given the great news that we are to be blessed with a child. We have about 7 months to go and are considering staying in Greece for the whole affair. We have the possibility of returning to the UK but we like it in Greece and would like to stay. Has anyone been in a similar situation in Greece and can you give any advice? Any information would be very helpful but especially on the chunk this is likely to take out of our bank accounts if we stay in Greece. Thanks to all for any help. !/ N

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Can anyone give me some advice on the best area of Athens to bring up children in? Their current ages are: 4,5 and 8.

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I'm looking for an English speaking teacher for private piano lessons for my son. He is not able to read notes so far.

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If your children go to an International school do they still pick up Greek quickly or should you opt for a Greek school if learnimg the Language is a priority ?

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