Certificate of Registration / Residence Certificate

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Has anyone applied for a Certificate of Registration / Residence Certificate (Βεβα?ωση Eγγραφ?ς Πολιτ?ν Ευρωπα?κ?ς ?νωσης) recently? My husband needs to get this certificate in order to be able to work, but we're not sure where to go to get it? Help please!


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Good Morning Melissa,

We live on Aegina island and have applied and had issued our residents permits....

We went to the local police station here and they supplied us with all of the forms and a very helpfull young policeman who sat down and filled in the forms with us, we had to take copies of documents like passport, electric bill, bank account, Tax number and so on this was all taken to the police and sent off with application. It took about 3 weeks for them to phone us and tell us they needed more signatures once this was cleared up it took about a week and the permit's arrived...

So I would start at either you local police station of the KEP office im sure either of these can help.


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We have tried our local police station, but the lovely policewoman in charge looked at us as if we were barmy. Neither she nor her colleagues had heard of such a permit and they had no idea where we could get it from. They made some calls and gave us the number of a police station in Piraeus that may (or may not) handle such requests, but I'm not so keen to go all the way to Piraeus for something I may be able to do locally. 

I think I'll ask at the KEP and see what they say. Good idea.

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