Moving to Greece, Tax issues etc.

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My partner and I are planning to move permanently to Greece this year and live in or around Kalamata. We have two children who will be going to a Greek school. Our only income is a Local Government Pension and I am wanting to know about the taxation arrangements. We will have assets in the UK following the sale of our house and I fully understand that any interest on that money will be taxed by the Greek government and have no issues with that. I will also be eligible for state pension in 4 years time, that too will be subject to Greek tax again no problem. I am interested maily in whether or not I will be taxed on my Local Government pension which will be taxed in the UK as a Government pension, will this also be subject to some taxation in Greece ? We plan to rent initially and not buy until we are sure where we want to live but plan to take up residency in Greece full time. I should also like to know any contact details for an accountant in the Kalamata area and what the likely charges would be to assist in filing tax returns. Any other help with this or matters of health insurance and moving would be greatly appreciated. I do have knowledge of Greek language and customs but will need assistance with technical issues like Tax returns etc. Many thanks in advance, Rob


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Hi, it may be worth contacting an English speaking local professional to gain an insight into these matters. Have a look here:

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Many thanks for the link, it is most appreciated :)

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You are very welcome, I hope it helps.

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