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Does anyone know where I can buy Italian Amaretto liqueur? I need it for a new tiramisu recipe I am trying! Thanks for your help.

started by: shasha-350250 · last update: 1367948892 · posted: 1367948892

  Hi, can anyone tell me where i can buy non-alcoholic wine from in Athens?

started by: Maria M-893021 · last update: 1366831276 · posted: 1364934519

Can anyone recommend a good and authentic pizza takeaway place in or near the Kolonaki neighbourhood? No frozen bases if possible!

started by: elpozo · last update: 1363631780 · posted: 1363255505

I'd love to get your reccomendations for the best restaurants for local food?

started by: Athena-893020 · last update: 1362556538 · posted: 1361213381

Can anyone recommend a veggie or vegan restaurant in downtown Athens please?

started by: Maria M-893021 · last update: 1362126099 · posted: 1361024844

I would like to learn the basics of Greek cookery. Do you know of any classes available in English in Athens?

started by: Athena-893020 · last update: 1362078096 · posted: 1362078096

I'm looking for recommendations for good local red wines. I like complex wines with lots of tanins. Thanks for your suggestions!

started by: Jason Cooper · last update: 1361983371 · posted: 1361907840

I know it's a long shot but do you know if there are any stores selling British foods in Athens? Or a supermarket with a British foods section?

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Does anyone know if they sell frozen yogurt in Greece? If so, where can I buy some in Athens? I tried making my own, but that didn't work out as hoped. Thanks so much for any tips!

started by: Majo-349368 · last update: 1304859710 · posted: 1304700584

Can anyone please tell me a good way to make Greek style instant coffee? I think they call it simply "nes" here. I know you have to whisk the spoon aroung in the coffee with a very small amount of water but I cannot get this right and my coffee comes out like normal instant coffee in England - which I don't like. Is there another way because if you order a nes coffee at Grigori's they don't spend ages whisking a little spon around there. Any tips would be ggreat.

started by: Sinolei · last update: 1303595161 · posted: 1303399215

This is my first Easter in Greece. People keep telling me about something called "cocoretsi" and that i will have to eat it this weekend. But what is it? It sounds disgusting but I don't know if this is true of if my family are just pulling my leg. Can anyone tell me what it is and is it actually edible? I guess I will at least have to try some, to be polite, but I am not a big fan of strange foods and would rather avoid anything that is going to be disgusting.

started by: Alice-349209 · last update: 1302889663 · posted: 1302779064

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a juicer. Do they sell these in Greece? I can't seem to find one. Perhaps there are some more specialized shops around which i haven't heard of. I really hope someone can help me out. I also travel quite a bit, so if you know of any other country in Europe (besides the UK) where it's easier to find, please do let me know. Many thanks, Alice

started by: michelle-349005 · last update: 1302525552 · posted: 1301956430

I can't find Kale in my supermarket. Any suggestions where I can find this vegetable around here? Many thanks!

started by: Claudia-349299 · last update: 1302262540 · posted: 1300479130

I'm looking for a nice place for a picnic? Does anyone know a nice park nearby where I can go with my family and spend a few hours? Claudia

started by: Kgr167 · last update: 1301324027 · posted: 1299606305

Are there any kosher restaurants here? What about the supermarkets? Where can we find kosher products? Thank you for your help!

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Hi, Can anyone help me find a Tupperware representative in Greece? I would prefer to deal with someone who speaks English. Thanks, Michelle

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Can anyone give me a good recipie for chocolate cake. The one I used to make doesn't seem to work in Greece. I don't know why though. thanks. Bella.

started by: jennygiannopoulou · last update: 1291898383 · posted: 1291738937

Does anyone know a really good recipie for christmas pudding? I didn't get one last time I was in England and they are a bit expesive to have delivered here. Ideally a "fool proof" recipie as I haven't made one since i helped mum - and that was a while ago. thanks!/ Jenny

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Having recently moved into a house with a very large veranda (and some garden but i don't want to dig that up) i have decided i would like to grow some of my own fruit and/or veg. Is there anyone who can give me any tips, either direcly or can you recommend a good book or source of information. thankyou/ A.

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