started by: Alice-349209 · last update: 1287181846 · posted: 1287095495

Can anyone recommend me an Italian restaurant in Athens? I'm not bothered about the location as long as it's worth it. Please let me know before Saturday. Thanks

started by: Phoebe-348932 · last update: 1286372357 · posted: 1285761444

That it. I am looking for some tips as my stir fries tend to end up a bit bland.

started by: Cathy-349427 · last update: 1286227396 · posted: 1283275460

Does anyone know a good place for Asian food in Glyfada?

started by: Nina-349415 · last update: 1283337772 · posted: 1283116439

who wants to share good recipes for all the days of the week, so one will help the other not to think about what to cook for the next day. I invite all the women who are interested in cooking, to join this " cook shop"

started by: Kgr167 · last update: 1283018362 · posted: 1282824724

Hi there, Is tap water in Greece drinkable? Would you say it's safe or is it better to drink bottled water? I'm moving out there next month.

started by: Lianne-349332 · last update: 1282906026 · posted: 1282771448

Does anyone know if there's an organic farmers market in or near Mets? What day and where can I find one? thanks

started by: KL-349215 · last update: 1281026685 · posted: 1280409662

I'm craving cupcakes. Where can I find some in Athens? Any suggestions?

started by: Visitingathens · last update: 1280928220 · posted: 1280247369

Hi, can someone explain to me what I need to make a Greek frappe? Do I need a shaker or a special coffee machine?

started by: Ankit-349308 · last update: 1278443202 · posted: 1278067910

Hey, i am Ankit , and i have been living in Athens for the past three weeks,.It would be great if someone knows some nice Restaurants that offers Indian Cuisine , in Athens.

started by: Sinolei · last update: 1277666682 · posted: 1277551375

Whats trhe easiest way to cook and prep chestnuts?

started by: justin-349272 · last update: 1276874238 · posted: 1276732080

Can anybody suggest a good junk food restaurant

started by: jason-349253 · last update: 1276289521 · posted: 1276255740

Hello, I wonder if anybody can help me with the following With a group of friends we would like to visit a winery in Greece , not too far away from Athens Thanks

started by: fullgear · last update: 1276083969 · posted: 1276010887

Hi there, Has anyone had groceries delivered at home? Which supermarkets offer this and which one would you recommend? I recently moved to Greece. thanks

started by: Weescotty-348944 · last update: 1275990396 · posted: 1275505691

(Medium or strong) - Where is it possible to buy it in Athens??

started by: KnoxFox · last update: 1275656912 · posted: 1275341329

Does anyone know where there are any?

started by: Delham Diva · last update: 1275384645 · posted: 1275082588

At long last.... They're arrived in Greece! They are available in Carrefour, and bought some today! yummy :)

started by: chuckles-349196 · last update: 1274863393 · posted: 1274863393

i would like to make my own cake so am looking for some good info on recipes and icing all ideas welcome

started by: HowardTG · last update: 1274658892 · posted: 1274463338

Looking for the best vegetarian restaurants in Athens....please share. Thanks!Kimberly

started by: tommk · last update: 1273954227 · posted: 1273874561

Hi, I was wondering if there are any good brunch places in Athens. I would appreciate if any of you all could give me some addresses, preferably before Sunday. Thanks in advance. T

started by: Annie P · last update: 1271937204 · posted: 1271454103

I'm craving sushi. Where can I find some? Are there any good places around?

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