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Hey!! I will be moving to Athens soon with my family. This is a sudden decision taken by my husband and I'm confused.I have been scheduled for mommy makeoverf from a clinic in Mississauga on June 1st. Since we are moving, I'm not sure if it's safe to undergo the procedure and then travel before complete healing. I'm considering the breast lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction surgery and the downtime and cost for all these are different. So my surgeon advised undergoing mommy makeover. Also, he promised to treat redness and brown discolorations with a laser along with this procedure.My husband advised undergoing the procedure from Athens. But I'm not sure if all these can be performed there. I don't have any idea regarding this place and the best surgeons in our location. Any thoughts are highly appreciated. Thanks!!

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Hello guys, I feel very lucky I found this community! I am Greek and my girlfriend is Canadian and she has been living here for the past year and going to stay for another one due to her job. The issue here is that she is feeling really homesick and depressed and she doesn't have a lot of things she likes here so I wanted to get someone else's opinion and ideas for things she could try because my perspective as a local is really different. To be honest, her perspective on Greece is really ugly. She has received a lot of racism here (on top of homophobia which we both receive) and I want her to find a safe space in a hobby or a community where people are willing to talk in English. She really loves yoga and I saw the listings for yoga studios in Athens but I am not sure if they have English classes or just list their business in English to attract tourists. If you have tried and the classes are expat friendly I would love your opinion!The other part has to do with mental health. We discussed it and she would like to talk to a therapist but she thinks they are too expensive and/or not experts on expat/ lgbt issues. Have you used a therapist here and if so, what is your experience?** She also loves dogs and I was thinking we could take care of one for some time now that everyone is going on vacation but I will write another listing for that on "Pets".All answers are very much appreciated!

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Hallo Can anyone please refer me to a really good podiatrusts in Athens, ideally in/near  Glyfada? I am foot sore! Thank you

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hi, I'm looking for an English speaking nail bar where I can have semipermanent gel applied to my toe and fingernails. Any recommendations please?

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Can anyone recommend a beauty salon offering Permanent Hair Removal? I know it is a delicate procedure and I don't want to just go to the first one I come across. Thanks for your help and advice.

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Does anyone know of a good osteopath who speaks English please? I have put my back out!

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Does anyone know of a beautician who comes to your home to do permanent or semi permanent gel nails?

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Hallo. Can anyone tell me please the going rate in Greece for carers, nurse carers? Many thanks.

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friends - just to let you know i am very impressed with the staff, teachings and both sacred and well supplied facility at NYSY yoga and pilates. AND their english is great! (for some, first language). as a seasoned yoga teacher myself, it was very sweet to find this place , wanted to share the info... see NYSYstudios.com  

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I have white blond eyelashes and need to have them tinted. Can anyone recommend a good beauticians that speak English please?

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Hi there, Has anyone had any experience with in- patient mental health care, either private or state, in Athens please ?

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Does anyone know of a good at home hairdresser I could contact? I have very little time now I hava a baby. Thanks for your help.

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Does anyone know of an acqua aerobics class I could attend in the city? I have a bad back so I need to avoid impact sports. Thanks for your help.

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Do you know of any Engish speaking birthing classes in or around Athens please?  

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I would like to try acupuncture for my migraines. Can anyone recommend an English speaking therapist in Athens please?

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Can anyone tell me which vaccines are obligatory for babies here in Greece please? Thanks in advance for your replies!

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I would like to have shellac nails applied to my fingers and toes. Do you know of any beauty salons offering this procedure please?

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We are looking for a good family doctor with fluent English. Can anyone help?

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Does anyone know of a birthing center in Athens offering water birth opportunities?

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