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Does anyone know where i can find a 24 hour pharmacy.


Mart in Vyronas 1304439586

Hi Vanella.

I can't tell you a specific 24h pharmacy, but I know where you can find out.

Firstly - in any neighbourhood there will be a duty pharmacy open at any given time. All pharmacies display a sheet on their doors when they are closed that says which pharmacy is the duty pharmacy on which day that month. So go to your nearest pharmacy, check the sheet on the door and it should tell you the address of a pharmacy nearby that is open. The problem is that these notes on doors can be quite unclear if don't speak Greek and if you don't have a map book with you.

Secondly - if you look on the Angloinfo page on emergency numbers in Greece: http://athens.angloinfo.com/information/38/em_no.asp you will see there is a number for 24h pharmacies. Call that to find out where you can go.

24-hour pharmacies (Εφημερεύοντα Φαρμακεία) Tel: 14 944 / 171

hope that helps/ Mart

KooRie 1304521262

I know that the one at the airport is open every day, from 6 in the morning til midnight. That might be a bit out of your way, but good to know.

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