Beauty spa at Syntagma or around

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Hi ladies, My favorite beauty center is the center has closed :( Can you recommend me a good and clean one where they perform the full-bikini wax? They don't do it everywhere here and I had a few bad experiences about hygiene rules in the past. I need fully approved addresses! Thanks!


Mart in Vyronas 1314111534

Oh dear,

I can't offer much insight into where gives Bikini waxes... but it's nice to hear no one's giving up on summer yet.

You can of course search AngloINFO Athens for beauty parlours and spas.

For everyone else, can you tell us which saloon was it that has closed? So that others in need of that essential wax don't go there.

/. M

Daisy80 1314114673

Hi Mart,

The great spa was Quick Spa in Aiolou street. Extremely clean with a very good staff. It's a shame it has closed...The other one in Maroussi is too far away for me :(

I've already read the beauty parlours and spa listed here but I really need to know where I go so it didn't help me so much... I need someone who can recommend me a clean and good place...

Ladies, help!

Mart in Vyronas 1314290571

Thanks for the heads up on the closed spa - hopefully no one will go there expecting to find it open.

I am sure there must be some ladies out there with tips, it is waxing season after all...

Best of luck. ! /M

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