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Does anyone know of a good at home hairdresser I could contact? I have very little time now I hava a baby. Thanks for your help.


Melissa-937019 1413735876

What area are you in?

Athena-893020 1413827900

I'm in Plaka. Any ideas?

Maria M-893021 1414432128

Did you find anyone you could recommend to me please?

Fiona-981845 1414519146

Hi all,

Try Alexandra (Alexandra Hair Design) I found her through the directory on this website (Health, Fitness & Beauty section then the hairdresser listings). I had been looking for a good English speaking hairdresser for a long time and recently found her listing on here. I went to her a couple of weeks ago for colour and cut and was really pleased with everything, very happy with my new style and will definitely be using her again. She trained in UK, very professional and friendly and speaks English and Greek.  Check her listing for info!

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