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Sharon W



Can anyone recommend a good yoga and/or pilates teacher in Athens. We are a small group of women (you can't really say "girls" once you reach a certain age can you?!) looking for one who does house calls. We are all beginners so certainly nothing advanced! and were thinking of getting a bit fitter and bendier once or twice a week (well have to try and make sure we dont "treat" ourselves after every session though!) If you know a good teacher you can recommend please let me know.


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I know a really good Yoga teacher who you could contact. She does house calls one on one or for small groups. I went with a group at a friends house but I think the price depends on how far she has to travel. She is fully qualified and all.

Email me and I'll pass you on her details.

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Can you give me her details too please. Does she speak english or greek?

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She speaks both English and Greek. I think she teaches in Greek also, our lesson was in English.

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CAn you email me here details too please!

does she have a website?

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Hi, I can recommend Maria Calafatis - she does group or personal Power Yoga and Pilates sessions in both English and Greek (she's a native English speaker). She does house calls and her prices are very reasonable. Call her on 6936703336 her website is and you can email her on


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Ok, Since there has been so much interest I will post the details here rather than answering all the emails on their own! I made sure i got paid attention and got the right details at my last lesson.

Her name is Anna Louise Hagen, she has been practising yoga for 8 years and is a fully qualified Hatha Yoga teacher and is registered with an reputable yoga alliance. She trained and qualified in India.

She teaches one-to-one or small groups and travels to your home, beginners and more experience. Lessons are given in either English or Greek (she is fluent in both).

Price depends on how far she has to travel and personalised programmes are available.

Anna Louise Hagen

6944 991313

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Oh and I forgot!

The first lesson is Free!

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Does she teach men also?? I am only asking as one yoga instructor (female), prefers not to. Either one to one, or as part of a group.

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