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Does anyone know of a birthing center in Athens offering water birth opportunities?

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Can anyone recommend a decent chiropodist please?

started by: Maria M-893021 · last update: 1379095980 · posted: 1378492554

Can anyone recommend a hairdressers specialising in highlights and colour in general? I particuarly like the paint-on technique as opposed to packets or foils. Any suggestions?

started by: romaidm · last update: 1377291198 · posted: 1376671531

Hello, I am looking for an English speaking chiropractor in East Athens that is gentle and knowledgeable.  Please inform if you have this knowledge.  Thank you.

started by: Maria M-893021 · last update: 1373479879 · posted: 1373479879

I have tried everything to stop smoking and I have heard hypnotherapy can often be an effective solution. Can anyone recommend an English speaking professional in the city please?

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I'm looking for a masseuse specialising in relaxation for pregnant women. Thanks for your help.

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Who can recommend a gentle, English speaking dentist to me please?

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I need to find an English speaking dermatologist in Athens please, can anyone advise me?

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I would like to have a relaxing spa day - anyone have any reccs for me?

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My girlfriend wants to know if there is a shiseido beauty counter somewhere in athens?

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I have recently moved to the North suburbs. Where can I jog near Kifissia?

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Looking for hiv-poz men (British/American or other Englishspeaking) who live in Athens, Greece or further away from Athens for socializing/friendship and more. I am an attractive, professional man, serious but also fun to be around.

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Can anyone recommend some very good high-end spas in Athens? I've tried a few places and so far it's been disappointing. Thanks!

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hi, I am trying to locate virgin coconut oil in Athens which would be sold at a natrual products pharmacy, a natural food market or an asian market. Does anyone know if one of these stores is located in the Moschaton area or close to it.

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Hi ladies, My favorite beauty center is the center has closed :( Can you recommend me a good and clean one where they perform the full-bikini wax? They don't do it everywhere here and I had a few bad experiences about hygiene rules in the past. I need fully approved addresses! Thanks!

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What makes coffee bad for you and how much is too much?? It has now beomce part of may life, socialising, meeting people etc. and I am a little bit addicted

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Recently I have been suffering a lot of pain in my joints and wondered if anyone had any advice. I am only in my early 40s so I don't think this should really be happening to me.

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Does anyone know where i can find a 24 hour pharmacy.

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Hi everyone, I can't find anywhere the Renu Flight Pack, where have you ever found it? Thanks!

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does anyone know anything about giving blood in Greece? for free I mean!

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