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does anyone know anything about giving blood in Greece? for free I mean!

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Does anyone know where I can find the Planter's cosmetics in the center of Athens? Thanks!

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Does anyone know a good dentist, preferably one that speaks English? thanks

started by: RN13-349423 · last update: 1290316062 · posted: 1290316062

What availablity exists please for both minders and carers in the Attica region? And what would be the going rate of pay please?

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Can anyone recommend a good yoga and/or pilates teacher in Athens. We are a small group of women (you can't really say "girls" once you reach a certain age can you?!) looking for one who does house calls. We are all beginners so certainly nothing advanced! and were thinking of getting a bit fitter and bendier once or twice a week (well have to try and make sure we dont "treat" ourselves after every session though!) If you know a good teacher you can recommend please let me know.

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Can anyone recommend a good dermatologist?

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Hello, I am looking for a rhythmic gymnastics group for my niece, do you know any place, not necessarily a professional group, but more for health and beautiful body. Do you know any place ? I know in Arigiroupoli, but it quite far for me. Any suggestions?Thank you

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Can anyone tell me where I can have blood tests done? Should I go to a hospital or can a general doctor do this as well? How much does this cost over here? thanks

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I love the sun but i tend to overheat and get a prickly heat rash mainly on my arms inside of my elbows and across the top of my chest - I've tried all the usual things and can soothe it but just wondered if anyone has any tips on how to prevent it happening in teh first place

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Evangelismos Hospital's phone number has changed, it's now 213 204 1000. Don't bother to go to its website as all the contact details are irrelevant, I've just called to some unknown foreign country!

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Who likes to join a group of joggers each saturdayjust email me justin25478@hotmail.com

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Are there any AA meetings in Athens in English?

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Sorry for the odd subject, i couldnt type as much as i wanted , i was wondering if anyone knew of a website, a doctor, anyone who has information of getting lasik eye surgery done in athens , by an english speak doctor, i do speak some greek, but not enough to know 100% whats going on as they do my surgery, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much :)

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so does anyone know where there is a cheap english speaking barber (male hairdresser) in Athens?

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Hi,I can't get around much and need to find a mobile hairdresser that will come to my house and colour, cut and blow dry my hair. Anybody know of one? thanks/ Tania

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greek tahinopita is good or bad in diabetes ? tahonopita {tahini pie ) . The round pie they sell in bakeries. please reply thanks

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Are there any slimming clubs like slimmer’s world or weight watchers in the Piraeus area?

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Eyebrow tattooist – Recommendations Please, only if you’ve tried (or know someone who’s tried) and have seen a good result. Wanted for me and a few friends in Glyfada. Thanks

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I am looking for a good and clean place in Athens that does belly button piercings. Can anyone recommend anywhere or has anyone heard anything good about anywhere? Thanks.

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