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I'm looking for someone to carry out home repairs and renovations. Can anyone recommend someone?

started by: Sunshine Seeker · last update: 1435601369 · posted: 1400591794

Does anyone know how much I should expect to pay to have a palm tree felled on my property please?

started by: Maria M-893021 · last update: 1434641187 · posted: 1433523231

I am looking for a good electric Weber bbq. Has anyone seen these for sale around town please?

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Does anyone know of a few good sites for renting a villa this summer direct from local owners?

started by: Sunshine Seeker · last update: 1427895619 · posted: 1427129458

Guys where can I take batterines, lightbulbs and small electronic items for recycling in Athens?

started by: Jason Cooper · last update: 1426672088 · posted: 1426177723

We are looking for an English speaking kitchen fitter in Athens. Can anyone help?

started by: Acropolis Girl · last update: 1426177664 · posted: 1425590011

I think I have a nest of these dangerous caterpillas in my garden. Who should I call to get rid of it?

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Hi I am staying in the Kifissia area and I am looking for a cleaner to come twice a week (?Tuesday and Friday) to clean the house for a couple of hours, if anyone has a reference it would be greatly appreciated it. Thanks.

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Hi, I need an english speaking plumber, has anyone tried one of the listed ones in the directory section. I was wondering if they are good? Thanks.

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My sister sent me a Sia brand candle for my birthday and I love it! I have heard the brand do lots of lovely things for the home. Does anyone know of a supplier in the Athens area?

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I would like to plant some fruit trees in the garden. Cany anyone give me some ideas as to what will grow well here in Greece?

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We are thinking of selling up at the end of the year and I wanted to know if anyone has used the property tab on this page to look for property in the past? Do you think it will be a good way for me to sell my property?

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hi my parents want to visit in the winter and we are looking for a small furnished apartment to rent for 2weeks to a month in the Chaidari area. help!!

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Does anyone know some good real estate agencies to buy an investment property?

started by: Maria M-893021 · last update: 1405961381 · posted: 1398188417

I would like to have a home alarm system installed at my property. Can anyone recommend an English speaking company to me?

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I am looking for a supplier of organic vegetable seeds in Athens. Can anyone help me?

started by: Sunshine Seeker · last update: 1394470416 · posted: 1394138684

We have already started noticing the odd mosquitto about and we rae thinking of having mosquito nets fitted to all our windows to prevent the incessant attacks we experienced last summer. Can anyone recommend a company offering this service at all?

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I need some work done on my villa in Athens but I don't know who to turn to. I need an English speaking builder I can trust as I am not going to be on site during the works. Can anyone give me a suggestion?

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I am looking for a reliable international removals company to help me get my house contents back to Manchester this June. Can anyone give me a personal recommendation?

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