Tree Felling

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Does anyone know how much I should expect to pay to have a palm tree felled on my property please?


Jason Cooper 1401121201

When we lived in Frqance our neighbour had to have this done and she paid one thousand Euros if I remember correctly!

Tilia 1435569379

Piece of string question. We had a tree felled last week for 300 euros by a trained tree surgeon. Full grown willow tree, middle of garden, dropped branches, felled trunk. Three hours work - and no clearng up as we took all the wood and branches.

But if it was a  tree with wires in the vicinity, buildings, near a road, over a roof etc. etc..........1000 + if you want it cleared up and taken away.

Tilia, (France)

Sunshine Seeker 1435601369

Thanks for your replies but I'd like to know what local prices would be. I'm sure tree surgery is more expensive in France...

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