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I need to find a tree surgeon to take down a diseased palm tree on my land. Any ideas please? I need to get it done before I go back to the UK at the end of Jan.

started by: Sunshine Seeker · last update: 1387219422 · posted: 1387219422

We would like to have a hydrotherapy bath fitted in our bathroom. Does anyone know a reputable company we could contact?

started by: Acropolis Girl · last update: 1384196415 · posted: 1383589848

Can anyone recommend a good tile warehouse in or on the outskirts of Athens please?

started by: Maria M-893021 · last update: 1376510503 · posted: 1376510503

We are thinking of buying a piece of land and having a villa bought. I'd love to hear from anyone else who has been through this. Any words of wisdom before we dive in?

started by: Sunshine Seeker · last update: 1375814449 · posted: 1375375755

Does anyone have a cement mixer I could borrow or hire for a week? We are trying to lay some paving tiles in our garden. Thanks in advance.

started by: Maria M-893021 · last update: 1375173913 · posted: 1373736340

I have an ant invasion in my house. Any ideas on how to get them out without killing them?

started by: Maria M-893021 · last update: 1372799641 · posted: 1372799641

Can anyone recommend a reliable air conditioning fitter who speaks English please?

started by: Jason Cooper · last update: 1371463653 · posted: 1371403480

I'm pretty sure my og came across a snake in the garden yesterday; I didn't poke around to see it but each time Princesse got close to the bush in question I heard hissing. What types of snake do we have here in Greece and can they be dangerous for my dog and my kids?

started by: Acropolis Girl · last update: 1370460585 · posted: 1369863962

I need to have my olive trees pruned. Cn anyone give me the name of an English speaking company I can call?

started by: Athena-893020 · last update: 1369336360 · posted: 1368563358

Is there such a thing as a proeprty surveyor in Greece? If so can you recommend one to give me some advice on a property I'm thinking of purchasing?

started by: Jason Cooper · last update: 1367519259 · posted: 1367266468

I need to have air conditioning installed before it really heats up. Can anyone recommend a reliable company?

started by: Acropolis Girl · last update: 1366372418 · posted: 1366145096

We need to have a couple of expensive Persian carpets cleaned; can anyone tell me where I can go?

started by: Maria M-893021 · last update: 1365452682 · posted: 1363986287

I've just brought a great print of the Golden Gate bridge home from San Francisco and I need to have it framed. Can anyone recommend a good, English speaking framers please?

started by: Ragna · last update: 1362989230 · posted: 1362556358

I have a box which I need to send by courier, can anyone recommend a reliable service?

started by: shokat · last update: 1349701461 · posted: 1349701461

can someone tell me how do i use or dial international calls for  phone cards in fixed line phone in athens

started by: shasha-350250 · last update: 1319280300 · posted: 1319280300

Could anyone please tell me where i could buy blue upholstery foam in Athens, to replace sofa cushions?.

started by: spap · last update: 1319136156 · posted: 1319136156

Can anyone tell me if carpet tiles are available in Athens?

started by: Horizon5656 · last update: 1307554862 · posted: 1307296766

Can anyone give me any advice on where I can get fruit trees? clementines, apricots, that kind of thing.

started by: sunlover-349766 · last update: 1296850408 · posted: 1296850408

Hi, does anyone know of an English run garden centre on Rhodes. I have been recommended by people on holiday there but cant find any contact details anywhere. Many thanks P.S. Perhaps someone kows of a good AI type English language site just for Rhodes where I may find something mentioned?

started by: Ricky-349719 · last update: 1295432919 · posted: 1295432919

We recently moved into a flat which gets pretty cold these days and we've been running the AC on heat at least 12 hours a day. Any advice regarding heating methods (gas/electric/etc.) which get the most heat output per euro? Understandably as we're renting, we don't want to spend too much on something which we'll leave with the owner when we leave. Thanks-Ricky!

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