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Hi there, Time to buy a christmas tree. Any suggestions where I can buy one?

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Hi, I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can find a large DIY shop. Thanks!

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Hi, I have bought most of the furniture for my new place but am still looking to buy a sofa and shelves. Does anyone know anywhere else besides IKEA where I can buy modern furniture thats reasonably priced? Thanks for your help.

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Can anybody on the forum help me finding which plants are the best in a small garden

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Hi, I haven't been able to find second hand furniture. Can anyone help me find second hand shops in Athens?Thanks

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I went up to the loft for the first time in ages and found lots of what looks like wasp nests (hope they are not hornets). Do I need to get someone in to get rid of them? Or are there products I can buy to destroy them myself?

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I have decided to finally buy an air conditioner and I guess now is probably the best time to do so to make full use of it this summer. I know that the major electrical appliance stores sell them and probably also install them. What about the smaller stores? Would you recommend those and for what reason? What should I look for? I have absolutely no idea and it wouldn't be the first time that they trick me into buying the most expensive one.

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Where can i find the chemical tolulene For cleaning purposes (components from old engine) this chemical does wonders and it widely available in countries like UK, US.Where can I find/buy some in Athens Thanks

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Hoping that someone can offer advice Brought a property in 2007 from a developer in the Marathonas area and from the 1st winter have had problems with damp and leaking roof, with no joy from developer in fixing the problem. We now have another problem with damp coming into our lounge from communal pool area. The pool side of the wall is showing areas of longterm water damage and is now coming through into our lounge with plaster and paint bubbling and mould growing. Still getting nowhere with developer and am considering consulting a lawyer. As anyone had similar problems and if so, can you give me advise on how to best tackle situation. Thanks

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I'm redoing my kitchen, but so far no luck with the tiles. If anyone can bring me in touch with a decent tiler, I would very much appreciate it.

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Can anyone recommend me his/her gardener? Mine seems to be too busy lately. Thanks

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