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Hello, I'm an American journalist considering moving to Greece. I'm currently in Athens through August 28 and would love knowing of some gatherings where I might meet English-speaking expatriates. I'm in my mid-6os, a professinal writer, and currently have lived as an expatriate for 20 years in Mexico.

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I've seen the postings about expats wanting various services on Crete. Can any member tell me roughly what numbers are living there and where they are concentrated. I would welcome learning of members' experiences of living on Crete, what the social life is like & general year round living? What's the expats take on the recent Euro/Drachma debate? Are the Greeks really likely to pull out? warbabyian

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I am looking further into moving from UK to Lesvos, a dream of mine for the last 20yrs; I've looked at Sicily and Alora area of Spain but keep coming back to my original love. I would love to learn of expat experiences and the the size of contingent there. Warbabyian

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