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Hi everyone, My gf and I love dogs and since we can't have one here (we both leave in a year) I thought of dog sitting for some time. We will both be away in August but we are available in July and then September and so on.Feel free to send a message and get to know us better :)

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Hi does anyone know of a VERY responsible/trustworthy dog loving person who could stay in my apartment for 4 per 5 days to look after my dog.? Debbie

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Does anyone know of a vet offering cheap sterilisations? I have a group of stray cats near my place and I'd like to get them sterilised.

started by: Maria M-893021 · last update: 1431608396 · posted: 1431012958

Does anyone know if this is illness is a danger for dogs here and if so how do I protect my dog? Thanks for your help.

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Hello, If someone knows a good page to find a cat? For adoption or to buy? 

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If anyone has any unwanted dog coats please can you let me know because I have a friend who is collecting them to send to refuges in colder climes where refuge dogs are quite literally freezing to death. Thanks for your help!

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Does anyone know where I can buy those indestructible dog toys called Kongs?

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I would like to know how much it will cost to have a male kitten sterilised. Can anyone advise me?

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Avlaki – Porto Rafti Our dogs are missing since Tuesday night November 4th 2014. Jimmy (a black male mixed breed Labrador, neutered, 1 ½ years old, approx. 35kg) and Sheila (a black-and-white female mixed breed Setter, unspayed in heat, approx. 18 kg). We found Sheila a few months ago in a poor health condition with psoriasis, leishmania and renal insufficiency and this is why she had not been spayed yet. We believe that she was followed by male stray dogs and Jimmy ran after her. Most probably they walked a long distance away from home and now they cannot find their way back. Jimmy has a white “goaty beard” and a white diamond shape on his chest and he’s wearing a thick brown leather collar and a scalibor. Sheila has brown dots on her face and legs and she’s wearing a thin blue fabric collar and a scalibor. Please contact us in case you see them. If you were able to keep them for a while until we come to pick them up, we would be unutterably grateful! They are both very friendly. Thank you so much for your help! Tel no 6944 415 200    

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Can anyone recommend a good boarding facility for cats for the Xmas period in Athens?

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Where can I take my dog in central Athens for him to exercise without his lead?

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I want to know if you can buy a pipette with an anti flea and worming treamtment for cats. Any ideas? Also, where can I buy it here in Athens?

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I have heard that leishmaniasis (hope I have spelt that right) is a real scourge for dogs here. How do I prevent my lab from contracting the disease? (I hear the vaccine is experimental).

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Can anyone tell me at what age it is safe for me to start letting my kitten out in the garden to play?

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We have found an injured wild tortoise in our garden and we don't know who we should contact. Any ideas please?

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This morning I was in the garden with the dog and I saw a long (at least one metre long) snake dashing away into the bushes. Should I be alarmed? Are snakes here venomous?

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Can anyone tell me if dogs are allowed on the train in Greece? I am thinking of taking the train to Thessaloniki to see friends but I won't go without Buster my labrador mix. Thanks for your suggestions.

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I am looking for a horse to ride in exchange for mucking out and general husbandry. I have a car and live in down-town Athens.

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Hello everyone. My wife has just brought a stray kitten home. I think we are going to keep him but we need to de-flea him and fast. Do you know where I can get some frontline asap?

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Can anyone recommend a gentle dog groomer in the south of the city please?

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