Avoiding Leishmaniasis

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I have heard that leishmaniasis (hope I have spelt that right) is a real scourge for dogs here. How do I prevent my lab from contracting the disease? (I hear the vaccine is experimental).


Acropolis Girl 1406661691

Maria, go online and buy a Scalibor collar for your dog, keep him in at dusk when mosquitos are on the prowl and perhaps also buy a citronella based natural repellant to spray on his fur. vigilance is key.

Sunshine Seeker 1406800415

Try to get mosquito nets fitted at all windows and doors in your home if you haven't already done so. And keep your dog in doors from dawn to dusk.

Maria M-893021 1407186660

Thanks for the advice guys! I have just ordered my Scalibor collar.

neilpph 1407741175

Good Morning,

Just to add Leishmania is caused by the bite of sand flies, we have a labrador cross who loves the sea and early morning walks on the beaches so as recomended before she has a Scallibor collar on all the time that we change every 6 months and she also gets frontlined for the ticks and fleas.... As a precaution we also have a blood tests every 6 months just to make sure....

Maria M-893021 1407775052

Thanks so much Neil, how much does the blood work cost? I can imagine its rather pricy here no?

neilpph 1408346596

Hi Maria,

Sorry for the delay...  I live here on Aegina Island we have a fantastic vet here she charges 60 Euro for a full blood test you can have single tests done for a cheaper price but as its once a year to us its a small price to pay for piece of mind and we do have a lot of beaches here.... We get the results in about 1 week and the results are a printed version for us to keep with our records...


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