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Hello everyone. My wife has just brought a stray kitten home. I think we are going to keep him but we need to de-flea him and fast. Do you know where I can get some frontline asap?


shasha-350250 1386585184

Firstly, well done, and secondly, you can get "frontline" in almost every pet shop or vet's.

Acropolis Girl 1386623292

If you want to look for a pet shop near you, look here:

Jason Cooper 1386960020

Thanks guys, the kitten whose name is now Jasper, is doing really well and we have had him sterilised as it turns out he is a bit older than we thought. He is now parasite free and is really cuddly. Is it generally safe for pet cats to go outside here in Greece or should we envisage keeping him indoors?

Acropolis Girl 1387034644

It depends in which part of Athens you live?

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