In need of a dog sitter?

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Hi everyone, My gf and I love dogs and since we can't have one here (we both leave in a year) I thought of dog sitting for some time. We will both be away in August but we are available in July and then September and so on.Feel free to send a message and get to know us better :)


Evangelia-Messaritaki-865863 1471294122

Hello Niki! 

I am greek and I am a volunteer for strays here in Athens, Greece. You could always foster a stray until it is given for adoption. Some volunteers would pay for that but we would also like a voluntary offer. In any case, I could connect you to some people if you are interested. This is VERY IMPORTANT for the adoption procedure and it raises the chances of the dog being adopted. Consider it and let me know..

Evi :-)

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