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Download now the best fantasy cricket app. Sport 11 is the most popular and India's fast-growing fantasy app.

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Hellowe are in search of a catamaran blue water capable that is no more then ten years old. We would like to lease until February 2018 and then purchase, can require some work if needed as long as not major and be between 40'-50' in length. I am a 63 years old New Zealander hold all charter licenses and marine engineer certifocate. I have 40 years experience at sea. Please contact if any of the above is of interest. 

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Anybody  know where I can find snooker playing facilities in the Marousi area? 

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My husband has always been paragliding nuts but has never given it a go. Does anyone know of a local school where I could buy a coupld of hours' lessons as a surprise?

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Would anyone be interested in playing a game of tennis with me once a week? I am a 30 year old, intermediate level player. Thanks in advance for your replies.

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I am looking for a pilates class in English if at all possible?

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Hello we are Kifisia hockey Club and we are playing in the European Clubs Championships and HHL(hellenic Hockey League), we all have a comon passion called HOCKEY!!If anyone is interesting in trainning with us plz feel free to contact in moschosxristos@hotmail.com. we have youth academies,men,women,veterans,and newplayers groups.

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Hi AI Athens users! I am here on holday and I would like to give diving a go because my boyfriend is really a fan. Do you know of any reputable centres aroound Marousi we could use?

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Does anyone know of a store in Athens specialising in mountain bikes and related equipment please?

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Do you know of any nice walking paths on the outskirts of town? My doctor has suggested I lose some weight and the gym is not really my cup of tea! Thanks in advance!

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Does anyone know of any decent kite surfing locations in the area please? My brother, who is a big kite surfing fan, is coming to visit and I haven't got a clue!

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Where will other expats be going to see the game tonight? 

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I'd love to see the first Greece match in an open-air venue. Do you happen to know of a park or public square showing it on giant screens?

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I am looking for sports bar recommendations where I can watch matches with other expats?

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Do you know of any parties taking place to mark the opening ceremony of the world cup this Thursday?

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hello! I would be interested in joing a book club in the athens or suburbs area.

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I would like to find a small yacht to charter in June for one week. Does anyone know of a data base I could browse through?

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Does anyone know of a walking group composed of English speakers I could join please?

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Hi guys, I would like to get my PADI diving certificate this spring/summer and I am looking for centres as close to Athens as possible. Any ideas?

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