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Hi all, I will be living in an Athens apartment  in Kallithea for three months and need info on connecting my tablet to the internet. I dont want to go thru the landline, as its only for three months  and i dont have '"cell" so cant use a simm card.  Ideally i want to be able to use it in the apartment and not have to go to  wifi access sites.  And if anyone in the area is available for a coffee and a chat, that would be a bonus, as i am from Australia and new to the city........  thanks Nik  

started by: Athena-893020 · last update: 1379314005 · posted: 1375375830

Can anyone tell me if they think it is safe for me and a friend to go camping in the countryside with just a tent? Are there any poisonous insects or snakes we should be aware of?

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Does anyone know how much a season ticket costs for AEK Athens football club?

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I will be moving to Athens very soon. Are there any public swimming pools? I know that most people swim in the sea.

started by: Maria M-893021 · last update: 1377451365 · posted: 1377451365

I would like to take up horse riding again. Can anyone recommend a well reputed riding school please, preferably with English speaking instructors?

started by: Sunshine Seeker · last update: 1374175647 · posted: 1373480151

We would like to charter a yacht this summer for a week. Any ideas for yacht brokers out of Piraeus port?

started by: floche · last update: 1373407442 · posted: 1373362207

Can anyone tell me where I can find a outdoor swimming pool in the north of Athens ? (Kifissia and around ?) Thanks already ! Florence

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Hi I have a Hunter310 sailing yacht in the south of France, Would be interested in a few weeks exchange for a similar boat in Greace. Regards

started by: lilulalule · last update: 1366451565 · posted: 1366451565

Hi there! Does anybody know about somebody offering individual horse riding classes, possibly in English? Thanks a lot!

started by: Sunshine Seeker · last update: 1366052803 · posted: 1366052803

Can anyone rcommend a fun Greek class for foreign beginners to the language?

started by: Jason Cooper · last update: 1364934286 · posted: 1363883142

I'm looking for a group of internationals who go running on a regular basis. I can currently manage 10km but i'm looking to build that up.

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I've been living in Porto Rafti for 9 months with my partner and love the area. However, apart from my neighbours who work, dont know anyone else here with whom to socialise with during the day.I cant find any groups, clubs or activities in the town to meet friends. Would love to hear from anyone else who would like to meet for coffee, a chat, dog walking, shopping, cinema or sports. Looking forward to knowing some fun, friendly people to share my time with.

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Does anyone know of any badminton clubs in Athens?

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Does anyone know which is the nearest ski resort and if it's open?

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Only a month to go to the 4th Israeli Open International Scrabble Tournament, with players from over a dozen countries attending. Check out the following website for more info: http://www.scrabble.org.il/fourthisraeliopen.htmThanks! Linda

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I need a dart board. The usual English style, numbered 1-20 that you get in pubs.

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Has anyone got any good tips for where to go camping in Greece? We are trying to make some plans for the summer.

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Hi, does anyone know a good diving club I can join?

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What's a good location for climbing in Greece, not too far away from Athens? I'm also wondering if there are any places for indoor climbing. Can anyone help me out with this? John

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I'm back in town. Where can we watch the FIBA games? Are there any bars where they show the quarters, semis and final?

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