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Where can I go for kite surfing over here? Any kite surfers out there who can tell me where they like to go.

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I'm based in Marina Flisvos, I'm interested in playing football a couple of times a week, are there any teams or training sessions in the Faliro area that I could attend?Richard

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Does anyone know a good place to watch the mighty all whites in the world cup? perhaps with some fellow kiwis? my country men that i am friends with here dont really get the beauty of football but i would want to watch with some company.

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Can anybody suggest good jogging trails in Athens

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Where are they to be found?

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Hi, Does anyone know where I can find Zumba classes near the centre of Athens. Thanks, Tina

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I’m from the States and I'll be moving to Athens soon. Does anybody know of any soccer teams I can join in Athens? Sean

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Hi to all I’m married 28 year old (no kids) living in Piraeus. I Know this topic has been covered before, but having recently become unemployed. I’m finding it lonely at home. Much as I don’t mind being a housewife, it would be nice to meet up with women who are in a similar situation. Warmest regards, Abigail

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I would like to go for horseback riding. Is this possoble in Athens?

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I'm looking for beginner classes. Can anyone recommend me a tennis school or coach? Kate

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Any ideas where I can find guitar lessons?

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