Co-active Coaching by Nikolaus Walter & Schema Therapy by Jan Kossack

Co-active Coaching by Nikolaus Walter (Life and Business Coach). Enhance your personal effectiveness, leadership and management skills. Schema Therapy by clinical psychologist & psychotherapist Jan Kossack for individuals, couples & families.

 Business- and Life- Coaching (co-active coaching) by Nikolaus Walter:
  • performance enhancement ?
  • better leadership skills ?
  • efficient time management ?
  • to overcome your fears ?
  • improvement in certain areas of your work or private life ?
  • new goals and visions ?
Coaching can help you achieving your goals !
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Individual, couples & family counseling is helpful for people, who are dealing with various kinds of life struggles. Jan Kossack is a Schema Therapist, Trainer & Supervisor and works also with the Gottman Method for couples counseling. 

People with difficulties in the following areas have engaged in and benefitted from sessions with clinical psychologist / Psychotherapist / Schematherapist Jan Kossack:

  • relationship/marital distress, 
  • gay indicidual or couples counseling,
  • job stress, 
  • anger management, 
  • anxiety,
  •  depression, 
  • social avoidance, 
  • family crises, 
  • substance abuse, 
  • self-esteem, 
  • motivation enhancement, 
  • personnel discord, 
  • narcissism,
  •  sexual behavior problems.

Individual, couples & family counseling offered by Jan Kossack is strongly influenced by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy / Schema Therapy and the Gottman Method for couples therapy.

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