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Help with fridge freezer. 0 Home & Garden
Can anyone recommend where I can buy a new fridge freezer in south west that includes delivery and installation ...
started by: brodgers58 · last update: 1493582945 · posted: 1493582945
Terracotta dishes and Cala Bona! 4 General
Hello everyone. We live in France and will be visiting Majorca in October. Can anyone tell us the best place to ...
started by: Balli · last update: 1490806222 · posted: 1488130448
Back up generator 0 Home & Garden
Hi, can anyone tell me where I can hire a back up generator for my solar system, I have tried searching the web ...
started by: bazpalmer · last update: 1489763206 · posted: 1489763206
Diesel Generators 0 General
Does anyone use a Gesan/Perkins diesel generator? Who would you look for if it requires any repairs. I need a ga...
started by: bazpalmer · last update: 1486391425 · posted: 1486391425
Mobile Diesel Mechanic 0 General
Does anyone know of a mobile mechanic who could repair my diesel generator which needs new gasket for the fuel supp...
started by: bazpalmer · last update: 1485273059 · posted: 1485273059
School options in Soller 0 Families & Kids
Hi, myself and my husband, with our son (who turns 4 in June 2017), are relocating to Soller in August. We are l...
started by: Nadine-Drew-874358 · last update: 1484000090 · posted: 1484000090
septic tank emptying 1 Home & Garden
Does anyone know of a company that empties septic tanks in the Canyamel/Capdepera area please? Preferably that s...
started by: casaania · last update: 1479553844 · posted: 1467698134
Telecoms ombudsman 0 General
Hi, can anyone help.  I have recently experienced fraudulent activity from one of the orange shops and oran...
started by: Semaj-10042798 · last update: 1477558807 · posted: 1477558807
un asesor fiscal espaƱol - spannish tax... 0 Financial & Legal
Good morning all.  Can anyone recommend the above please in the Andrax area would be great.  many than...
started by: sunshineishere · last update: 1475657690 · posted: 1475657690
Flat roof repars 0 Home & Garden
Can anyone recommend someone to carry out a repair to a flat roof
started by: anns-12180 · last update: 1474818490 · posted: 1474818490
Resurfacing on enamel bath 0 Home & Garden
Does anyone know of someone who can resurface an enamel bath. We are based near Palma, Mallorca and would very much...
started by: cookie213 · last update: 1473868223 · posted: 1473868223
House/Pet Sitting Assignment Wanted 0 Home & Garden
We are pr...
started by: French Riveria House & Pet Sitters · last update: 1471782852 · posted: 1471782852
VARCAS ? 6 General
Any idea of the current price of Menorca Varca shoes on the island ?  I used to buy mine from the factory o...
started by: POCHAHONTAS · last update: 1470318787 · posted: 1462917750
Brexit 1 General
No one seems to know yet ...
started by: Dave W-839 · last update: 1470162832 · posted: 1469814876
Available: House / pet sitter 0 Home & Garden
HiI'm keen to perfect her Spanish for a month or so from October onwards. Perhaps so...
started by: Julian-875636 · last update: 1470147071 · posted: 1470147071
Bank charges 3 Financial & Legal
can anyone help? We have a non-resident account in Menorca and purchased a property 12 years ago. This year we h...
started by: Anita-9144 · last update: 1470116743 · posted: 1466446146
Dog sitting 0 Pets & Animals
started by: Jennifer-Cunningham-864488 · last update: 1468411620 · posted: 1468411620
Spanish Nationality: How to Get It 0 General
We have had many enquiries since the Brexit referendum about how to get Spanish citizenship so we thought we'd p...
started by: Madge · last update: 1467816831 · posted: 1467816831
Moving to the Balearics 1 General
Hi There. ...
started by: stephen-kirk-861169 · last update: 1466408603 · posted: 1465552430
Running partner 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I am moving to Mahon in a week and I am looking for someone to run with. I go to the gym with my husband, but he...
started by: L.Kauffmann · last update: 1466089928 · posted: 1466089928
Electricity & Internet Suppliers 2 Home & Garden
There seems to be a few discussions regarding internet options in various locations.  I'm interested in Old To...
started by: burnsh · last update: 1463316743 · posted: 1457803852
Advertising a holiday home 2 General
Hi all, Does anyone rent out a place for holidays? We are thinking of renting our apartment and would lik...
started by: artist-859629 · last update: 1463132361 · posted: 1455011635
Documents for exchange of driving licenc... 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I have noted the documents required for a Spanish driving licence on this site, but can anyone tell me what form...
started by: bazpalmer · last update: 1462526125 · posted: 1462526125
Trying to close a Movistar/Telefonica ac... 1 General
I was wondering if anyone has any contacts at Telefonica who speak good English, and might be able to help us.&n...
started by: Sewnfir · last update: 1460792985 · posted: 1460468980
Car insurance 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Can anyone recommend an insurance company apart form the old favourites, Linea Directa and Abbeygate, in order t...
started by: lesdiablesrouge-16021 · last update: 1460648600 · posted: 1460648600
No news letters from Anglo 1 AngloINFO Support
Is anybody having the same problems as me, originally it was just the Monday news letter that didn't arrive in my i...
started by: Tofol · last update: 1459800513 · posted: 1459355135
Housing market 4 Home & Garden
Hi all I was just wondering what the housing market was like on the islands at the moment. Thinking of bu...
started by: Deabret · last update: 1458133660 · posted: 1454591974
IB-Red, Wifi Baleares, Conecta Balear - ... 0 Home & Garden
We're ...
started by: Travis-Wentworth-852038 · last update: 1457789204 · posted: 1457789204
Make your own yoghurt 0 Food & Drink
Hey! Anyone make their own yoghurt out there? If you could share your tips for making it thick and creamy that woul...
started by: Daniel H · last update: 1457769365 · posted: 1457769365
Transportation 0 General
Does anyone know of a service going to an/or from Ibiza from/to the UK?  There are companies who regularly mak...
started by: kathih · last update: 1457715282 · posted: 1457715282
Moving to Menorca 18 General
Hi.  I am moving to Menorca when I have sold my house.   I am going to have an exploratory holiday in ...
started by: BRITRICH75 · last update: 1456745844 · posted: 1453596586
We want to adopt a doggy - Looking for a... 2 Pets & Animals
Looking to adopt a dog and prefer to go to one of the animal charities rather than buy a puppy. Any recommendati...
started by: Milflores-882092 · last update: 1456743474 · posted: 1456522456
Batman v Superman on anywhere in English... 0 Families & Kids
I want to take my kids to the Batman v Superman film. Is it on anywhere in English? 
started by: Bridie-17057 · last update: 1456415759 · posted: 1456415759
Looking for a bar in Palma screening 6 N... 0 Sport & Leisure
Can anyone recommend a bar in Palma to watch the 6 Nations games this weekend?
started by: Celticwarrior-17058 · last update: 1456333809 · posted: 1456333809
Opening a self employed business 0 General
Advice please.  My Daughter  is moving to Ibiza and wants to work as a self emploiyed beauty therapist...
started by: kathih · last update: 1456317555 · posted: 1456317555
Hover Board Question 0 Sport & Leisure
Has anyone purchased a hoverboard in Spain? We want to buy one for our children but cannot decide whether to buy...
started by: Milflores-882092 · last update: 1456265750 · posted: 1456265750
Can't print black and white 2 General
Any know why I can't prinit in black and white on my HP printer. The colour cartridge is empty and the black one...
started by: Goggleyes · last update: 1456237026 · posted: 1455541849
Looking for a ballet class in Palma 0 Families & Kids
Can anyone recommend a good childrens ballet class / dance school in Palma. Spanish or English spoken is fine fo...
started by: Yorkshirelass-17059 · last update: 1456177102 · posted: 1456177102
How to register to vote in the UK EU ref... 1 Financial & Legal
Can anyone tell me how to go about registering to vote in the UK for the forthcoming EU referendum? Are there an...
started by: Captain Kirk-17258 · last update: 1456136745 · posted: 1455643819
Travel Insurer recommendations wanted 0 Sport & Leisure
Looking for links to good Travel Insurance Company that will cover my husband and I for pre-existing medical con...
started by: Castano-882096 · last update: 1455919580 · posted: 1455919580
Dog sitter wanted 0 Pets & Animals
I am looking for a dog sitter who takes dogs into their own home, walks them regularly as I have two working dog...
started by: Jackeen-882093 · last update: 1455832995 · posted: 1455832995
Looking for an intercambio group in Palm... 0 Sport & Leisure
Can anyone recommend an intercambio group that meets to practise Spanish.  Intermediate level.  I am i...
started by: Yorkshirelass-17059 · last update: 1455745827 · posted: 1455745827
seeking english speaking builder 1 Home & Garden
I am seeking an English speaking builder to refurb a kitchen and bathroom and additional tiling.  Any recom...
started by: wilkes · last update: 1455642902 · posted: 1455550309
Purchasing bikes 1 Sport & Leisure
can anyone recommend somewhere to buy bikes just for leisure cycling (nothing too serious).  Based in Calvi...
started by: wilkes · last update: 1455642757 · posted: 1455555066
EU Referendum 1 Non-local
I have just found out that we are eligible to vote for this if we were resident in the UK (had an address) withi...
started by: mga-16427 · last update: 1455542121 · posted: 1455298818
Music festivals 5 Entertainment
Are there any big international music festivals on in the summer?
started by: bumpty · last update: 1455539996 · posted: 1453405430
help with a wheelchair 1 General
i would like to rent a wheelchair my elderly father who manages without  in the UK but i think here in palm...
started by: vanessa jane-10035716 · last update: 1455299139 · posted: 1454356781
Online Spanish course 2 General
Anyone had any success with online Spanish courses? If so which did you use and how are you getting on?
started by: Kevvy · last update: 1455233945 · posted: 1455131593
Car import 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Is it cheaper to buy a car on the islands or bring one with you? Thoughts welcomed. I imagine bringing on...
started by: Deabret · last update: 1455233897 · posted: 1454592124
Like a dog chasing its tail 6 Financial & Legal
If I have this right,   I have to apply for a "Certificado de Empadronamiento" to obtain an NIE,  &nbs...
started by: BRITRICH75 · last update: 1454351011 · posted: 1454072533