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Hi, my name is Sandra. I am trying to move to the UK sometime this year or next with my 2 dogs. For what I have found ou
any progressive bilingual schools 1 Families & Kids Started by: Anthony-Oleary-961189 · Updated: 1599208195 · Created: 1589406843
Hi, I am looking to move to Majorca with my young family. Looking for a progressive primary & secondary school that
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We are now taking off our shoes inside the house. What changes have you made?
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Hi guys, I'm new around here and i need your help in finding warehouses to sell internationally awarded and handcrafted
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Hello,We are looking for a live band/duo to perform for a couple of hours on the evening of 12th Sept in Menorca, Es Cas
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Hi all, I have a guest staying at our house in August this year. They are getting married and the bride is looking for a
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Hi, Can anyone recomend a store / shop where I can purchase a satellite dish suitable for receiving freesat signals in m
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Hi can anyone recommend a dog sitter in or around Cala dor Mallorca
British School close to Manacor 2 Families & Kids Started by: Liz-Edwards-902793 · Updated: 1516774524 · Created: 1497954445
Hi any advice on schooling for a year 10 student close to Manacor, Mallorca? British system preferred.
Weight loss groups close to Marbella? 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: jennymac2 · Updated: 1516176220 · Created: 1516176220
Here we go again-new year/new me and all that! Just moved to this area-anyone know of weight loss groups here? Thank you
Car exhaust replacement 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: John-Woods-918251 · Updated: 1514730475 · Created: 1514730475
Can anyone recommend an exhaust replacement centre, in the North of mallorca, for a mercedes car?
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Hello everyone. We live in France and will be visiting Majorca in October. Can anyone tell us the best place to buy the
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Has anyone been to the Traffico in Palma ? all I want to do is change my address for my car, what appointment group do I
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Looking for an English speaking Saxophone teacher to give private lessons