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Is anybody having the same problems as me, originally it was just the Monday news letter that didn't arrive in my inbox now I am not receiving any mail from Anglo.

started by: Teresa Cooper · last update: 1401613958 · posted: 1401613958

Hi, I am trying to change my community info on my accout but can't seem to find how.  I have looked into my account under Personal Info and it shows I have changed it to Span but doesn't appear to have updated the info.  When I post on the site it still shows I live in France. Regards. Teresa  

started by: 2ndeng · last update: 1398253479 · posted: 1398251490

Hi I put an employment offer in 'discussions' instead of 'classifieds'. I have added it to the correct section and now wish to delete the discussions ad. how is this done?

started by: Linda D · last update: 1360705449 · posted: 1360670251

Help please!  I yesterday used the superb free classified feature to advertise my car.  It sold this morning and I want to remoive the advert  or mark the car as sold - but can't seem to find the way to do it. Any advice very welcome Thanks Linda

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Help! I have posted under For Sale: general and received 2 responses but my replies keep coming back as failed to reach, as this address does not exist!see Village house Bunyola....What can I do?Thanks Ana

started by: janeve-8732 · last update: 1185538475 · posted: 1185182248

Help! I cant log out, I think I'm caught in a loop!

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